This is the view here right now. Absolute white-out conditions. Heavy, blustery winds with snow squalls. Makes for an interesting view out the window. It also is the kind of day where you just hunker down inside and find something to do to keep you busy. No point in going out. rchhr_l.jpg


That crap in the picture above was responsible for a 36 car pileup on the expressway (Yep, you read that right, THIRTY SIX CARS).  A 17 year old girl was killed and more than 25 injured.  Twenty-three ambulances and four fire departments responded to the scene.  This stretch of I-390 where the accident happened is right near the airport runways and is wide open — and when you get blustery winds like we’ve had around here in the past couple of weeks, it carries a ferocious pull with it.  Add to that these whiteout conditions and you’ve got a deadly combination. 

Joe test-drove that Camry yesterday and was quite pleased with it. He’s going to have to adjust his driving habits because he’s going from a big SUV to a regular car, but I think that he’s going to be very happy with it, overall.

We also found that Lisa can lease a Tacoma (pickup) for $179 a month — or rather, our COMPANY can lease it for $179 a month. That would get rid of the last GM vehicle in our household! Maybe I can start getting some kickback money…

We’ll be going to a planning/strategy meeting later today on a wedding reception for all married same-sex couples in this area. It’ll also be a fundraiser of sorts, I think.

I laid low yesterday, got some end-of-year bookkeeping done (sort of) for our company so we can get our taxes prepared. It would appear that, even though our marriage is recognized now in the state, we still must file “single” because NY State requires taxpayers to file their state returns the same way they file their Federal returns. For this tax year, I’m sure they’re going to have to revisit that requirement so that, in January 2009 there won’t be THAT discrimination to deal with any more.

That about wraps it up. Boring, eh? It’s about time! LOL!