Blessed quiet.

No television, no radio, no trains, cats are napping, Joe’s still asleep and Lisa’s at a job. Not even my keyboard makes a sound. I can hear the soft humming of the refrigerator and the incessant ringing in my ears but, beyond that, nothing.

It’s been a long week. My vocal chords have been used to their limit. I’ve spent more hours om the phone than I can count, both at work (official business) and at home.

I’m tired and I’ve been overwhelmed by everything. It’s time for a little bit of quiet and relaxation now.

We did another interview yesterday, for the local newspaper. A “follow-up” of sorts. I have to confess to having found a bit more respect for some of the local reporters because they have asked thoughtful and thought-provoking questions. The one we spoke to yesterday didn’t really grasp the true inequality of the lack of marriage recognition until we began to spell it out for her.

There was a news bit on another married lesbian couple here in our city. They have two small children. The non-birth-mother has adopted the older of the two, but the adoption process for the younger one hasn’t been finalized yet. They spoke about the limbo that younger child is in because of the lack of adoption finalization — and that the adoptive mother would be the one to put her family on her employee benefits. I took the shot and called them and suggested that they go ahead to Human Resources and get signed up as a family, anyway, because now that their marriage is legally recognized, at the very least the non-adoptive-mother can now be considered a step-parent until the adoption is final. I congratulated them on their marriage and also on the fact that it’s now legally recognized.

A bit later Joe and I will be going to the local Toyota dealership so that he can look into leasing a vehicle. His 2000 Chevy Blazer — besides the fact that it’s been a money pit since he bought it in 2003 — has just put forth the proverbial last straw. We have always kidded Joe about his $1,000 oil changes (not really an exaggeration, either) but it has always cost him NO LESS than $1,000 to get that damned thing through inspection every year. He’s put, on average, more than $4,000 a year into that thing in repairs, PLUS the payment, putting his cost of ownership at somewhere around $750 a month (including insurance). Two weeks ago he paid $800 to get it through inspection. We congratulated him on not having to pay $1,000. Because he has that computer thing they told him he had to drive it about 100 miles so that the computer could reset and they could finish up the inspection. Two days later, the transmission went, costing him an additional $2,800. Yesterday, all he wanted to do after class was come home, get some lunch and get to his assigned reading. Unfortunately, the Blazer wouldn’t start. It emits a strong electrical/ozone smell when he tries to turn it over. More repair expenses, and he’ll have to pay to have it towed for repairs.

He can lease a brand new Camry for $199 a month, provided he puts $2,000 down and pays the fees for taxes, licenses, etc. He’s got a bit more than $3,000 in savings (who the hell, these days, has ANYTHING in savings?) so it looks like a done deal.

The only thing that will hold him back is the desire to use the Blazer as a trade-in and the fact that it is still sitting on campus, waiting to be towed, then repaired. Joe has been so good, so responsible with paying for his Blazer and managing his money. He pays his own tuition, buys his own books, stuff like that. And he’s been hit hard with this piece of shit. $3,600 in the past two weeks, with God only knows how much more now. Keep your fingers crossed for the kid.

I think I’m going to sit and knit this afternoon. It’s a calming, therapeutic activity. I so desperately seek calm right now! I’ve got three projects on the needles right now. I’m doing a large “window pane” style afghan for us. It’s made from a thick, bulky, heavy yarn that is really easy to work with. I’m also doing a scarf for general shits and giggles. It’s red with sparkly stuff in the yarn — I thought maybe I could sell it at one of the trade shows we’ll be doing this year, along with some other things I’ve made. The third project is going to be a “roll” for Lisa’s various sized screwdrivers. It’ll have pockets to put the screwdrivers in, then the whole thing can be rolled and secured. I’d really like to get that done for her before she starts back into work full-time (IF she does).

Today she’s doing a mold-removal job that requires a lot of demolition and, once the demo’s done, she’ll have to “fog” the area where the mold is growing (INSIDE the house) and then wait for the homeowners to fix the source of the moisture in that basement. We’ll likely have to wait for better (warmer) weather for that to happen. She’s thrilled to be doing something again. But be assured, after having gotten that mold-induced bronchitis two or three weeks ago, she’ll be wearing a mask and other protective stuff today.

By the way, I’ve added a new page over on the right sidebar.  It’s for memes — and the first one is up there.  That’s going to be where I post them from here on out.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I know *I* will!