(The L Word) Bette and Tina, in the bar, sucking face, playing tonsil hockey, whatever you want to call it.  I guess a part of me knew they’d be looking to get them back together this season, but I had hoped that Ilene Chakin was more imaginative than that.


(The L Word) With any at all, Kit will mistake Jenny one night for a burgler and shoot her with that cannon she bought.


(The manager at our local Pizza Hut) I ordered a pizza on line and found out, a half hour after the scheduled delivery date, that the restaurant never received the order.  OK, no problem, just make a notation on my confirmation order (the hard copy I printed out) that I didn’t get the pizza and, if my credit card is charged, I can come in and get a refund.  The manager flatly refused to make the notation on my order and, after telling me to “get the hell out of here,” called the police.  Even the cops thought my request for a notation wasn’t unreasonable and asked him to explain to them why it would be a problem for him to do that.  He couldn’t so they suggested that, since he called the cops for something so stupid, he might be able to redeem himself by just notating my hard copy.  He did.  I called corporate the next day.  They, in turn, notified the area manager (apparently a position OVER the District Managers?), who called me today.  “I’m embarassed,” she said.  She’ll be speaking, personally, to that manager.


(Lisa) Lisa’s still not over her bronchitis.  It’s been a week since she’s smoked, but she’s terribly depressed and weepy — TOTALLY unlike her.  I brought home crab legs for dinner last night, as a reward for her reaching a week of no smoking.  In conversation, we’ve decided that she’s just not a good candidate for quitting “cold turkey.”  She has a prescription for the Chantix and is going to call the pharmacy today to see what the risks are in taking it, along with the prednisone and the inhaler that she’s on right now.  We’ll sit down tonight and draw up a reasonable time line for her to SCALE BACK gradually on her smoking, eliminating one cigarette per day every three days.  It worked well for me, and didn’t make me feel like I had been backed into a corner.  I’m not disappointed — she’s worried I’ll think less of her if she “fails,” but I don’t consider this a failure.  She’s still determined and THAT is where the success will lie.


(Me) I can’t shake it.  I’m lethargic, uninterested in much of anything beyond sitting and watching television or just being a lump.  I may or may not pick up my knitting but, more often than not, when I do, I only do it half-heartedly.  I’ve totally derailed from my weight loss efforts and have gained back 6½ lbs. of the 11½ lbs. I lost before the holidays.  Sure, I’m still ahead of the game (in that, I haven’t gained it ALL back) but I’m really having a hard time dredging up the sincerity to care much about anything, other than my family.  Winter doldrums, maybe?


Self explanatory.