I was thinking this morning, as I was driving into work, about all the things I really love.  I’m not sure how I got on that track, but I realized that I literally love a lot of things.

  • Oh, sure, I love people like Lisa, my kids, my grandkids and others.
  • Smells:  coffee, a wood fire on a crisp fall day, babies, meat grilling on the BBQ (beef or chicken, it doesn’t matter), certain colognes/perfumes, the fresh-scrubbed smell of a spring rain
  • Tastes: chocolate (of course), chianti, coffee
  • Material things: My RAV4, my food saver, my shoes
  • Sounds: laughter, certain music, wind chimes, the howling winter wind when I’m inside warm and dry, a child’s voice in conversation, a cat purring
  • Sights: the white world after a heavy snowfall, flowers and beautiful gardens, fall foliage, old couples holding hands, rainbows
  • Touch: soft fur of an animal, soft yarn knitted into something, skin, the feel of dirt in my hands when gardening, hot water running over my hands or down the back of my neck, spooning
  • Comedic irony, an overdue come-uppance, gardening, knitting, getting lost in a good book or movie

Yeah, I realized a long time ago that I’m a person of very simple pleasures in life.

What do YOU love?  Post it on your blog or in the comments section.


Lisa had me pretty worried.

What we thought was a simple cold turned into something worse.  By Tuesday night, just drawing breath hurt her.  I gave serious consideration to taking her to the Emergency Room because I was worried about pneumonia.  Her cough wasn’t just a cough, it was a railing, racking, body jarring cough.

I set up a cool-mist vaporizer near her (where she sat on the couch) and she said that she could feel the cool mist and was starting to get some relief from it.

We decided against the ER but she did go to the doctor’s office yesterday morning.  It turns out she has a sort of mold-induced bronchitis — from having worked in that crawl-space in the house on Saturday, all day.

Her breathing was so labored and wheezy, the doctor could hear her from across the room, without using any instruments.  He administered a nebulizer treatment on the spot which actually gave her some immediate relief. 

Now she’s on Zithromax Z pack, and an inhaler.  She’ll be down for the count, most likely, for the rest of the week.  If there’s a silver lining to be found, she hasn’t smoked in 2 days.  Keep your fingers, eyes, legs, ovaries, whatever crossed that she stays that way.


Now here’s a huge surprise:

The Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket Heath Ledger’s United States memorial service, because of his work in Brokeback Mountain

I guess the church isn’t willing to fund air fare for all of these fucktards to fly to Australia for the funeral. What a shame. And here I was hoping they’d charter a plane that would somehow get lost over the Bermuda Triangle and give us all some peace.

To quote the ever-so-eloquent spokesperson for WBC:

“God hates the sordid, tacky bucket of slime seasoned with vomit known as ‘Brokeback Mountain’- and He hates all persons having anything whatsoever to do with it.” 

I wish I could communicate with such passion, eloquence, and feelings…

Do these people really think ANYONE takes them seriously?

*****Edited to add:

I couldn’t help myself.  I sent them a comment through their web site!

What makes Heath Ledger so special that you’ll not protest at his funeral, rather, just at his memorial service?

What — God hates overseas travel?

Oh, wait, it’s probably because God knows that you can’t get away with your shit outside of this country and you’re likely to face some real legal action over in Australia.

I suppose that, since you can’t travel there, Australia will be added to your list of countries God hates, right?