It happens twice a year — the start of a new semester.

 The one asshole that was in here pissing and moaning and whining about needing his course materials NOW, so that he had something to give his class on the first day, never came in after Tuesday.  His work is still waiting here for him to pick it up.

The exit ramps from the expressways were clogged up and, of course, there’s construction right in front of the college which has closed two of the five entrances (the first two coming from my direction) which has things screwed up even worse.

Lisa has been sick with a cold and forgot to turn on the “delayed brew” on the coffee pot last night.  She set it, but forgot to turn it on.  So, I left the house without coffee this morning.

Our network drives experienced some sort of issue — there are no documents in our directories dated later than October 17th.  Not good, when you consider how many documents we handle in any given day.  This is, after all, a word processing center.

Yep, a typical first day of the semester.  The only thing that changes is the year.


The town of Fulton, about an hour east of here, is under a state of emergency this morning.  It seems they got THIRTY SEVEN INCHES OF SNOW over the weekend.  The weight of the snow collapsed the roof on the Department of Public Works building out there.  Inside the building?  Their snow plows and garbage trucks.

We have barely a dusting of snow here.  Amazing what a difference 50 or 60 miles makes here in Western NY.


Joe’s best friend got married on Saturday.  Joe was best man, and looked devastatingly handsome in his black tuxedo. 

It’s hard for me to imagine my own son married.  He’ll be 25 this year, but I just can’t wrap my brain around my “baby” being old enough to be married and have a family of his own.

I posted on someone else’s blog about a time, when we were in the last couple of weeks of our tour of duty in Hawaii, that I sat on a stone wall on the beach, wrapped in a blanket, holding my son as he sang “Say You, Say Me” while his father and sisters slept inside the cabin.

I could smell the sweetness of his hair and felt the warmth of his little body snuggled inside that blanket with me.  For that moment in time, there was only me and my son.

I love my daughters.  Always have.  But mothers form a special bond with their sons and sons with their mothers.  Throughout his life, Joe has always made me feel loved, respected, and validated both as a person and as a parent.  Until Lisa came along, he was the only person to ever do so.

And he’s still the brightest star in my sky.


CNN took some really heavy hits over an article that they ran about black female voters facing a dilemma over whether to vote their gender or their race.

An e-mailer named Tiffany responded sarcastically: “Duh, I’m a black woman and here I am at the voting booth. Duh, since I’m illiterate I’ll pull down the lever for someone. Hm… Well, he black so I may vote for him… oh wait she a woman I may vote for her… What Ise gon’ do? Oh lordy!”

Tiffany urged CNN to “pull this racist crap off” the Web site and to stop calling Hillary the “top female candidate.”

“Stop calling Barack the “Black” candidate,” she wrote.

The article further goes on:

A reader named Joan e-mailed: “Really CNN, is this how you view black women[?] Are you suggesting that white women are going to have it easier [?] How about issues? Should a black woman consider the candidates position on issues, or should we just stick to race and gender. Disgusting!”

Matt e-mailed, “The article itself shows black women have brains and actually choose candidates based on issues and not just gender or race, but CNN doesn’t seem to give them that credit.”

Others responding to the story wrote that they want CNN and other media to focus on the substance of the candidates’ accomplishments and stances on issues, rather than their appearance.

“Since Edwards no longer officially exists, as a white male I face the same choice – either I vote my race (Clinton) or my gender (Obama). Or I could just pick the candidate based on who I think would be best,” wrote Michael.

Another e-mailer, D.T., who describes herself as a young, white woman, said voters should choose the candidate best qualified to lead.

“I’m sure there are plenty of black women who are Republican and could care less who the Dem leader will be,” she said. “Close your eyes and look at who can fulfill the best to their promises.”

I get tired of the media always describing people in the news by their race, gender, sexuality, or some other way other than just as people. And we wonder why there is still  discrimination in this country.

It’s about time CNN got called to task on this pigeon-holing crap.


“Peggy Peabody” showed up to retrieve her daughter from prison in The L Word this week.  Aside from the reason she was there, comes the suggestion from one of the female prisoners, as Peggy strides down the center aisle between cells to “Let me eat your pussy!”

Peggy’s response? 

Were I receptive to such a proposition, it would first require a full booty check. And were you to pass muster, baby, I’d give it to you family style.

WHOA!  That’s one classy (and hot) senior citizen, folks!  LOL!

Oh, and, BTW…if you ever wondered how deaf/mute people say lesbian, we got that lesson this week, too.  Alice demonstrates:

Nothing more needs to be said, right?  LOL!