Brad Renfro was found dead at his residence today.

Who’s Brad Refro you ask?

He was in the movies The Client, Sleepers, and Apt Pupil. Unfortunately, most people will remember him for his 2005 arrest where he attempted to buy heroin from an undercover police officer. He did some time for that arrest and apparently struggled with drugs and alcohol on and off since.

Initial reports indicate that no specific cause of death has been determined.

Another tragic waste of a young life.

And, if Britney isn’t careful, she’ll be next.


Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton have “taken” Michigan.  The Democratic Party in Michigan lost their delegates because they pledged delegates outside the required time frame, so the win is meaningless for Ms. Clinton.  However, 34% of Democrat voters pulled the lever for “uncommitted.”  Interesting outcome.

However, it’s dangerously meaningful for Mitt Romney.

John McCain is about 5 percentage points behind Romney and, it appears, is gaining ground on the Massachusetts governor.

I’d really like to see Romney beat right into the ground in this nomination process.  No way he should be THE nominee.  McCain has, throughout Dubya’s reign, been somewhat popular, even among some mid-line liberals.  Hopefully, his popularity won’t decline.


Another scam designed to steal personal information from unsuspecting people.  Telephone calls are being made to people by someone claiming to be from the county clerk’s office.  The caller tells the person that they have missed jury duty and are in hot water.  They then offer to “reschedule” the jury duty, and ask for names, social security numbers, etc.

Don’t get fooled by something like this.

Speaking of getting fooled, don’t get fooled by some politician’s promise, if elected, to NOT increase property taxes.  That happened here — the county executive promised no increases in property taxes as part of her bid for re-election.  She did not, however, promise that TAX ASSESSMENTS wouldn’t go through the roof.  My property tax assessment increased by $26,300 this year.  Higher assessments, higher taxes.

Folks should have realized by the fact that her lips were moving that she was being disingenuous.

American Idol started tonight.  Same old bozos, different names.


Speaking of television shows, my previous post referenced that CBS will be airing Dexter.  I don’t really know how they intend to maintain the integrity of the show and still chop out all the stuff that the censors won’t like.

So, if you click here, you can watch both seasons of Dexter online.  ENJOY!