They found that young pregnant Marine. Dead. The sheriff promises a very “bizarre” ending to this one. Well, the whole thing is bizarre to start with. She accuses someone of rape, apparently has a continued relationship of some kind with this married guy that she accuses of raping her, she’s scheduled to testify at an Article 32 hearing and disappears, her mother publicly calls her a “pathological liar,” and they find her dead body, along with that of her fetus, buried in a shallow grave in the back yard of the man who is accused of her rape.

She had claimed that she was getting a lot of harassment from the Marine Corps and had to leave base and live with a friend. Her mother called her a “pathological liar” in front of the entire country. She apparently continued a bizarre relationship with a man she accused of raping her. Who did this young girl have to turn to for guidance, help, comfort, even advice?

What a tragic end to a life that barely got started.


“Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terror.” So the United States is strengthening our long-standing security commitments with our friends in the Gulf, and rallying friends around the world to confront this danger before it is too late.”

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone else think this sounds like the stage is being set for a ruckus with Iran now? What — we’ve tapped all the oil out of Iraq we can, so we need to move on to Iran now, like locusts?

Yeah, he’ll get lots of support from Congress AND the citizens of the US for this one.

In addition to that, Dubya continues to generate the “Don’t do as I do, do as I say” rhetoric.

Chiding U.S. allies who have withheld civil liberties, Bush said governments will never build trust by harassing or imprisoning candidates and protesters.

“You cannot expect people to believe in the promise of a better future when they are jailed for peacefully petitioning their government,” Bush said.

Oh, you mean like separating people from basic liberties, just because they’re homosexual? You mean like having anti-Bush protestors arrested at political rallies when you run for president?

What a putz.


There are still more than 1,000 homes without power due to the wind storm we had on Wednesday.

While this was nowhere near the devastation experienced in the area following the 1991 ice storm that saw tens of thousands of people without utilities for up to five weeks, I suppose RG&E has done a pretty decent job of getting things back in order. According to the local paper, they were still receiving new reports of outages yesterday but, according to an RG&E spokesperson, they were hoping to have most of those homes up and running by noon.

Kudos to them.


Kay Ann, my aunt that had breast cancer last year, was supposed to come up Friday with her two little boy kittens to deliver them to a local rescue because she just couldn’t take their energy and their kitten-behavior.

Well, she and my Aunt Wanda arrived, sans kittens. It seems Kay Ann had a change of heart and decided to try giving the boys another go of it.

We went to lunch at The Old Country Buffet and had a great time just chatting and spending time together. After lunch we went next door to a locally owned pet store. I fell in love with a little tabby kitten they had there, but Lisa stood firmly adamant that we could have no more cats. Three is plenty. She’s right, I know, but that little thing was such a love!

Anyway, I discussed an electric automatic litter box with Kay Ann, told her how we had modified ours to be less of a pain in the ass, and she bought on. Part of her issue with the boy kitties is the litter all over her bathroom, the everyday scooping of the litter box, etc. Once I explained to her how we had modified ours and how she could put hers in the downstairs portion of her home, she was really into the whole idea. I think that “maintenance” was the larger/largest issue. She really loves the boys and, in the end, it was that love for them that kept them at home. Thankfully.


Hey, by the way…

Remember the post I did about the Showtime series Dexter?

Saw an advertisement last night that the premiere of Dexter on CBS has been scheduled for February 17th. I’m thrilled to death for anyone who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to see this program. It’s darkly delicious. It explores all the dark sides of all of us, I think. If you get a chance, watch it. DVR it, you won’t be sorry.


I got the new CD by Celine Dion, Taking Chances, for Christmas. I really like Celine Dion for the most part, but I’d have to say that, by far, this is the worse work she’s ever done. I’m very disappointed.

I’m now listening to my new Andrea Bocelli CD, Amore. No disappointments here — it’s everything you’d expect from Bocelli, and more.

Joe also got me the soundtrack from The DaVinci Code. Ever since Braveheart I’ve been totally into music scores from movies. Some of my favorites, besides Braveheart are Titanic, Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, and Troy.

Yeah, go ahead and say it. I’m an old fart when it comes to my music. Neil Diamond, Bocelli, Yanni, Josh Groban, Cher, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap (saw Gary Puckett live about 5 years ago — yep, he’s still around), Hootie & the Blowfish, Simon and Garfunkel, Trisha Yearwood, even Clay Aiken. My “party mixes” are probably reminiscent of background music in the local nursing home, but I don’t care. I love my music. MY music.


Finally, it seems that nobody bothered to tell the FBI that it has to pay it’s telephone bills in order to keep those illegal wiretaps going against suspected terrorists and other citizens in this country.

In one instance, an unpaid and overdue bill of more than $65,000 led the phone company to not only suspend the service but to disconnect phone lines and pull out completely.

Kinda makes you wonder where the money goes, doesn’t it?

Happy Sunday!