Yeah, I decided I’d come up for air.  I’ve been in a MAJOR turd/vegetate mode.  We haven’t crawled out of bed any earlier than 9:00 since Christmas morning and haven’t stayed up past midnight (although we don’t usually do that, either).  We’ve slept so much/spent so much time in bed that when we get out of bed, our electric blanket has already automatically shut off (it has a 10 hour auto-shutoff).  Ahhh…blessed rest.

We ventured out the day after Christmas and went to the Home Depot where Lisa spent almost $200 worth of gift cards — she was like a kid in a candy store with a $100 bill.  She got a lot of tools for Christmas so she got practical stuff for her tools, along with a new reciprocating saw.  She’s going to be well-equipped when she goes back to work, I’d think.

Yesterday we ventured out to get the tint on my glasses re-done and to find a new DVD player, since ours crapped out early in the fall.  We ended up getting a Sony DVD recorder — it works just like your VCR.  You set the time you want it to come on and record, and it does just that.  With season 5 of The L Word starting next Sunday, we’re thinking we won’t have to buy that season.  The possibilities are endless, I’d say.  AND, you can edit your video on the player.  Say, for instance, you record American Idol but don’t want all the commercial crap that goes with it.  You can edit that stuff out!  Of course, I’ll still have to figure out how to do that, but it’s a feature I plan to try to take advantage of.

I poked my nose into the news while I was up for air and saw that Bhutto had been assassinated, three teenage boys apparently tormented a lion and one was killed by said lion, teenage girls brawled outside a mall, the steroid controversy rages on and the midwest was hit with another storm.  Same shit, different day it seems.  Perhaps I’ll go back under that little sheltering cloud I’ve been under for the past few days and refuse to come out until something different, something better happens in the world.

My son seems to be back with the girlfriend I didn’t like.  All I can do is grit my teeth and hope this relationship goes down the toilet faster than it did before.

And, that about sums it up.  Going back in for another few days.