I went to bed and dropped off to sleep almost instantly at 11:00. By 1:00, I was wide awake, having slept just enough to take the edge off and unable to drop back off to sleep. Lisa tossed and turned, awake, as well. We got up at 2:00 and got something to eat. She went back to bed about 20 minutes ago, but I feel wide awake, energetic, and ready to rock and roll.

We’re getting clobbered by snow. We were supposed to get 4-8 inches Saturday night and it was supposed to continue to snow throughout Saturday night, all day Sunday and into early Monday morning. Total snowfall potential was predicted to be somewhere between 14 and 20 inches. It’s basically lake-effect snow — which comes in squalls, heavy snow periods and often a mixture of rain and sleet. The storm did, in fact, move more to the west of us which brought warmer air and more rain than was originally thought, before it turned back to snow so it doesn’t look like we’re going to get that 2 feet. Lisa got the snowblower going just in the nick of time and Joe actually said to her (after he came in from cleaning the driveway), “Thanks for getting that snowblower fixed!” The snow was very light and fluffy, and there was damned plenty of it for Joe to snowblow away.

I doubt I’ll be going to work in the morning — I suspect that the snow will impede morning commutes badly and, most likely, everything will shut down. However, the college I work for has only ever closed once in the just-shy-of-14-years that I’ve worked there and, unfortunately, Monday begins final exam week. But, since I do not provide student services and serve only faculty and administration, I don’t think my absence will be a huge problem.

I made Chicken Chili for dinner — a hot, hearty soup is always a wonderful meal when it’s cold and snowing outdoors. After coming back for a third bowl, Joe said “I think this is the best you’ve ever made!” He must have remembered that Santa is keeping his eye out for any late-season naughtiness. Joe sure was good for our collective self-esteem today.

Anyway, what’s up with us being up in the middle of the night? Well, I think some of it is just that we’re over-tired. I’ve been working two jobs for two weeks now and Lisa hasn’t adjusted well to the night-time schedule. I think she’s also drifted into a semi-depressive state from being unemployed — feeling like she’s not contributing to the household or something like that. We had an argument today — a nasty one that left us both crying. While we quickly got through it, I think it takes a toll deeper than just the moment’s anger and later, the regret of the argument. I think it unsettles us for a day or two. It’s extremely rare that we fuss at each other and rarer still that we fight. I love her so much and hate having this sort of anger, even if it is very short-lived. I find, though, that I measure my angry words very carefully with her, always mindful of the difference between fighting about the issues, and making the issues more complex by saying hurtful things that end up being more of a personal attack than a remedy for the problem. I’ve never been like this with anyone else, ever. When I fought with my ex-husband, I pushed his buttons over and over. Even with Kim (my former lover), I found myself lashing out when she did hurtful things.

Dan Fogelberg died today — he apparently lost his battle with prostate cancer, having been diagnosed with an advanced form of the disease in 2004. For those who might not know who Dan Fogelberg is (those that live under rocks, maybe?), Fogelberg is the master behind such hits as Leader of the Band, Run for the Roses, Auld Lang Syne, Lonely in Love, and Rhythm of the Rain. A brilliant artist with too short a life.

In football news, New England won another game and remains undefeated, Miami Won their first game of the season, Denver got crushed by Houston, and Brett Favre moved into the #1 position for all-time passing yards. Other than that, a pretty uneventful and unremarkable week in the NFL.

Dexter‘s season finale aired tonight. I love how his character evolved over the course of this second season and I really, really look forward to next season. Unfortunately, I have to wait about 9 or 10 months for that to happen. In the interim, The L Word premieres in about two weeks and, following that, The Tudors will begin it’s second season. All three of these programs are on Showtime and we love them all.

Lori, over at HahnatHome.com had this very interesting test up, and I thought I’d give it a try.  Interesting results.  Seems like lately I steal a lot of stuff from Lori.  Hey Lori, what’s that they say about imitation?   What kind of God/Goddess are you?

Your Score: Zeus

Indeed, you are 50% erudite, 70% sensual, 70% martial, and 37% saturnine.

This supreme God of Gods was worshipped throughout the Greek world, and his influence spread to every culture of antiquity. Idealized as the very model of the practical ruler, Zeus was nevertheless a tyrant.

Considered the omnipotent God of law, justice, and strength, he was also thought of as the God of thunder, lightening, mountain tops, the Heavens, abundance, health, and many other auspicious qualities. Sacred to him was the oak tree, for it reflected his steadfast power and might.

As everyone knows, Zeus was something of a philanderer. Always cheating on his ever suspicious wife, Hera, Zeus and his many lovers were responsible for several Gods, demigods, heroes, and villains, Herakles (better known as Hercules) being the most famous result of one of his flings.

Well, it’s 4:30 AM and I’ve been up for about 3 hours. I should try to get some sleep before the alarm clock goes off in….ULP…two and a half hours. Looks like it’s going to be a long day and, after that, a longer night at the post office.