The past week whizzed by at rocket speed.

Of course, working two jobs and having Christmas looming on the horizon certainly makes the time pass quite quickly.

We are both really enjoying working at the post office.  While the work is somewhat mindless, I find it enjoyable and mentally relaxing.  It’s not physically relaxing, mind you, since there’s a lot of lifting and tossing of packages of all sizes, shapes and weights, and my feet hurt endlessly, but all I have to think about is where the package goes.

They are sorted by the first three digits of the zip code and then tossed into a container.  It’s not as simple as 000-099, 100-199 or anything like that — often there are combined zip code digits (like 093, 199 and 100) that go into the same container, but for the most part, once you get into a rhythm, you don’t really need to think much about that, either.

They put Lisa on an hour earlier because we really need the help at 7:00 PM and, because she can stay later (as late as SHE wants to), it makes her more versatile and a better resource to them.  She’s grateful for that because it seemed quite pointless for her to wait out her whole day to start work at 8:00.  Besides, if you start at 8:00 PM, you’re technically considered as working the next day so, if you clock in before 8:00 PM the next day, the computer burps, hiccups and belches and throws both days away.

Oh, and, I’m now out of my size 16 jeans completely.  I’ve been wearing the 14s for a week now and am pleased to say that they’re not fitting me tightly around the waist, either!  YAY!

Linda and Brandon flew in on Friday as well.  Linda’s best friend from high school was to get married this past weekend, but last Monday the wedding was called off.  Since the kids already had airline tickets, they decided a weekend away without the kids would be just the ticket for them.  So, we hung out, went shopping at the mall, and just enjoyed their company.  They left yesterday morning.

After I got home from the airport, Joe had left for work so we decided it would be a good time to get out all the Christmas stuff and get it wrapped.  Lisa got one gift wrapped and, frankly, I just wasn’t in the mood.  I still had to finish the throw I was making for my oldest daughter so I sat down and picked up my knitting.  Inside of 10 minutes, I had nodded off and, when I realized I’d done so, I opened my eyes to see that Lisa had also nodded off in between wrapping gifts.  Clearly we’re both pretty beat.  So, I decided to just let myself succumb, so I put the recliner in full action mode, curled up, and let the z’s fly.  I dozed for about an hour and felt a lot better.

I finished the knitted throw and picked up the scarf I still have to finish.  I knitted for a large part of the day while Lisa (after about an hour’s catnap) continued to wrap gifts.  We watched football, and just relaxed the day away for the most part.

Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison.  I think the sentence is appropriate and, with any kind of luck, there will be no chance for his return to the NFL.

The Patriots remain unbeaten and, in my own humble opinion, stand a pretty decent chance of being able to wipe that smug smirk off Nick Buoniconti’s face (a member of the 1973 “unbeaten” Dolphins).  Of course, those same 1973 “unbeaten” Dolphins refuse to yield to the fact that any team that goes 14-0 in a season actually ties the 1973 Dolphins’ record and 15-0 beats it — yet their claim is that the team must go undefeated.  I think the Patriots can do it, since they have only the Jets and the WINLESS Dolphins in the next two weeks and, in the last week, the Giants.  I don’t see the Jets or the Dolphins doing anything remarkable against the Patriots.  The Giants, on the other hand, have the ability and talent to ruin the Patriots’ season. 

If anyone’s going to take down the Patriots, it’ll be the Giants now.  I only say that because I think that you’ll see the starters for the Patriots sitting out the final games, once they have secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  If that happens, then the first string Giants will be competing against second string Patriots.  Why would Belichick risk his starters just for a record?  It would be stupid.

Me?  I’d like to see the Patriots go undefeated AND I’d like to see Miami go winless.  No team has ever gone winless in a complete season.  Seems to me that both of those things should shut those 1973 Dophins the fuck up.  And I’m all up for that!

And, as an aside, not only does Tom Brady stand poised to lead his team to an undefeated season, but he also stands to break that passing TD record set by Peyton Manning just a couple of years ago — on pace for 54.  He’s on pace for 5040 yards (something only two other QBs have other done in a season — exceeding 5,ooo yards passing).  Finally, if his passer rating doesn’t suffer anytime soon, he stands to set the standard for quarterbacks with the highest season passer rating of any QB in the history of the NFL.  The man is a complete package — which is probably why so many people want to hate him so bad.  I guess it’s easy to hate a winner…

It’s the final week of the semester and next week is final exam week.  I won’t be getting around much to blogs this week or next so, please, don’t think I’ve given up on y’all!