Isn’t it amazing, how tickled we can get over something so small as new lenses in our glasses?

Of course, it’s been almost 5 years since I had my last eye exam and lenses checked (heck, I thought it had been only three!) so they were in desperate need for upgrading.

I took the day off yesterday.  I had a chiropractor appointment at 8:00 and the eye exam at 10:30 so it didn’t make a lot of sense (with the price of gas at $3.35) to run back and forth to work.

Since Lisa’s not working these days, she went along with me and after my eye appointment, we did a little bit more Christmas shopping.  We’re almost done.  Her side of the family is completely done and I have all the grandkids taken care of except for one small thing I still need to get for Annie.  I still need to find something nice for my son-in-law (the father of those two little boys that flew here from Colorado for Thanksgiving).  I’ve got my aunt and uncle taken care of and, for the most part, have Joe and Lisa pretty much done, too.  I love being done this early!

I have my post office orientation tomorrow, all day.  I’ll start working 6:00 to midnight every night, Monday through Saturday, until December 21st.  Long days.  VERY long days, but we keep telling ourselves “It’s only for three weeks.”  Lisa’s at her orientation today (because she’s available during the weekdays) and has gotten her schedule which is 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM, Monday through Saturday.  It’s a pretty good bet that we won’t hardly see each other except for Sundays.  To me, that will be the hardest part.  She fills and completes my each and every day, from the moment I wake up until I snuggle up against her back at night and drop off to sleep.  But, it’s only for three weeks.  It’s only for three weeks.  It’s only….

Things are getting crazy stupid at work again — ’tis the season.  The week of final exams in the fall semester is the absolute busiest week of the entire year for us.  We’re closing out one semester and immediately opening a new one at the same time.  I think that, when the faculty start actually planning ahead and getting things done in a non-panic mode (which means less stress for me), it’ll be time for me to retire.  Unfortunately, the odds of them planning ahead are so slim that I could be working until I drop dead from old age in my 90s.

It’s been freezing-ass cold here lately in the mornings.  I’m actually wearing a coat to work these days (something I don’t usually do until mid-December or so).  We’ve got a winter storm watch in effect for Saturday through Sunday, with snow, then freezing rain, then turning back to snow on Sunday.  In fact, snow in some fashion is in our forecast every day through the next ten days.  Most likely it’ll be flurries without any accumulation but when it’s cold enough to snow here, it’s biting, bitter cold that comes from our friendly neighbors to the north in Canada.  I just wish they wouldn’t “share” so much.  Along with that winter storm watch, we’ve also got a warning for heavy winds.  Wind speeds 20-30 mph expected, with gusts up to 50 mph.  Add that to the below freezing temperatures we’ve already got and….Brrr…..

Our “Television Turd” time of the year is coming up.  Dexter is beginning to wind down and, strangely enough, now that he’s no longer 12-stepping his “addiction” we’re pretty happy to see him back to doing what he does best — killing.  But, now that Doakes knows his secret, is Dexter going to have to kill a colleague in order to maintain “Harry’s Rule” of not getting caught?  I think so.  And I also think that Lila is going to have to get stomped on in order to keep her at bay, too.  With only two episodes left, it’ll be fun to see what Dexter does with the chaos that has become his life since he went on the killing wagon.

How about a sneak preview of a trailer for the new season of The L Word, due up in just a little more than 5 weeks?

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We also just love The Tudors.  While it’s ripe with historical inaccuracies, it’s still a very well written program and Jonathan Rhys-Myers does a superb job as Henry VIII.


Of course, I have Queer as Folk, Season 4 and Queer as Folk, Season 5 on my Christmas wish list, as well as The L Word, Season 4.  We’ve promised ourselves that, when we get all 5 seasons of QAF, we’re going to sit down one weekend and watch ALL of them, one after the other.  I still miss the boys. *sigh*

Brett Favre left the game last night with an injury — not something you’re likely to see.  But it did look like he took a hell of a whack in the lower part of his arm near the elbow.  As much as I always disliked the guy, it’d be a shame for him to end his career with an injury — especially with the team doing so well this year (10-2).

But, the Cowboys prevailed last night and are now 11-2.  It would seem that Tony Romo (who has dated Carrie Underwood and is now dating Jessica Simpson) has brought a new spark to the team, and (with the exception of Terrell Owens), new respectability has found a home in Dallas. 

If you hate the New England Patriots and Tom Brady, don’t bother to read this paragraph.  Frankly, I’m ambivalent about the team and their QB as a whole, but I am very interested in the fact that Tom Brady is on pace to pass for just a p-hair over 5,000 yards this year which, while is falls short of Dan Marino’s record 5,084 yards in a season, is still impressive as all hell, when you consider that Marino is the only QB to ever break 5,000 yards.  Brady is on pace as well as to break Peyton Manning’s record for TD passes in a year (the record is 49, Brady is on pace for 56).  In addition, if Brady finishes up the season with his current passer rating (127.1), he will also set the standard for QBs in passer rating for a season as well (a record now held by Peyton Manning, set the year he broke the passing TD record).

And….I guess that’s about as much prattling as I need to do today.