Sitting here in the quiet of the early morning, I’m exhausted.  Not from anything I’ve done as much as just plain old lack of sleep.  I didn’t get to bed until around 1:00 AM — stayed up too late unwinding from the day’s work, I suppose.  I woke up at 5:00 and couldn’t shut the brain down thinking about the kids and their trip today.  “They’ll be leaving the house right about now.”  “I still need to dust my bedroom.” “They’re probably just arriving at the airport.” “I know I forgot to get something important at the grocery store.”  That sort of stuff.  I finally gave up and got up at 6:45.  I’ve been sitting here with my coffee, enjoying the quiet alone time, reviewing the HRC’s “report card” on big business, and spending some quiet time with Miss Idgie — who’s gonna freak out the second the kids get here and won’t come out from under wherever she’ll hide until they’re gone on Sunday.

Actually, we’re planning to close her up in our bedroom with a litter box (in our bathroom) and food dishes.  That way she still has our “human contact” at night.

We’ve been busy preparing for the kids’ arrival today, as well as Thanksgiving.  We’ve thoroughly cleaned the house top to bottom, not because it was bad and we had to scurry to clean, but because we wanted to get as much cat hair, dander, etc. eradicated as possible.  My daughter has allergies and I want her to be as comfortable as possible.  We’ve always maintained a “cat-free” room for visitors, just in case of allergies.

Lisa has done a wonderful job of getting  the moldings put in on and around the stairwell.  Yesterday we finally re-installed the wrought-iron rail upstairs that we took out years ago (and have loved having it gone) so that the kids don’t pitch headfirst over the edge.

It seemed to me that we spent the whole day Monday shopping.  When I looked back over the day, I realized that we DID spend the whole day shopping!  First to the pet store for a bag of food for our fur-kids.  Then to Party City for a couple of things we wanted for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Then to Linens-N-Things for some whimsical placemats for the kids and to look for something that struck our fancy for napkin rings.  Then it was over to Pfaltzgraf for a small bundle of salt and pepper shakers that Lisa had seen there.  We stopped at IHOP for lunch before we went food shopping.  After that, BJ’s for the big items that we were going to need for dinner (and for somethings we can’t find anyplace else).  We took everything home, unloaded it into the house where Lisa began putting things away.  I went to the grocery store to get groceries for the holiday meal.  We’d left the house at 10:00 Monday morning and it was 4:30 when I got hom from the grocery store.

It was straight into the shower and into dressier casual clothes for the grand opening of a new restaurant owned by one of the professors at the college who had given me a “VIP” ticket for the opening.  After we left the grand opening, we went to Red Lobster for a quiet dinner.

Yesterday we made five pies and then scrubbed the kitchen while the self-cleaning oven did it’s thing.  We vacuumed, mopped, dusted, de-cluttered, re-organized, and generally got the house standing tall.

We both have chiropractor appointments this morning and a couple of other small cleaning tasks yet to be done.  I’ll leave around 12:45 for the drive to Buffalo to get the kids (they could only get a flight into Buffalo at the times they wanted to fly), provided their flight isn’t delayed.  I’ll keep a close eye on it from here – the internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

I hope all of you are planning a family holiday and that you find peace, happiness and love with your families.  I know *I* am looking forward to it with mine.  Pictures, hopefully, to be posted later.

Best to all of you!