Have any of you bothered to try to watch the new “Bionic Woman” series?  We watched the first couple of episodes but found them to be so boring, trite, predictable and just plain awful that we quit watching it.

Now, I have to confess that I outright stole this from Lori but I had to post it here.  THIS is the show I would have watched!

Also stolen from Lori:

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And, in my continuing rant against the Administration’s appalling disregard for it’s wounded veterans, there’s another story today about a Gulf War veteran who lost part of his skull, suffered permanent brain damage, is badly badly BADLY burned and scarred, has no definable ear, a fractured jaw and a host of other permanent injuries due to a roadside bomb blast.   The VA minimalized his injuries and, only after making his case public to CNN, did this veteran receive what his country should have been offering him from the get-go.  Disability and medical care.

In another case, a marine lost half of his arm in a roadside bomb blast and his request for disability was declined because, as the VA told him, his injuries weren’t service related!

What the hell do they think he was doing in that truck, in Iraq?  Spring break road trip?  Running away from home?  Late night beer run?

This just makes my blood boil.


My younger daughter, her husband, and two boys will be here for Thanksgiving.  I’m taking all of next week off so I won’t be posting much, what with getting ready for the kids and just getting the Thanksgiving dinner preparations done ahead of time.

Have a wonderful family holiday!