I made an appointment for an eye exam this morning.  The doctor is only in the office ONE DAY A WEEK, on Thursdays.  I commented that apparently this place is only interested in selling glasses, since it was next to impossible to get an appointment with the doctor.

 They employ only one doctor and she does one day a week at each location.  Like I said, no concern about the medical aspect of the business, let’s just sell glasses.

Anyway, I told the girl that I thought it had been 3 years since my last exam and that I’m really having a lot of problems with eye strain these days.  She checked my records and told me that the last time I’d been in was March of 2003.  OK, so I’m a little late getting back in.


Yet another death from a Taser.  Originally, the RCMP claimed the man “attacked” them but when this video was made public, they backtracked on that.

Someone needs to take a long and hard look at the use of a Taser.  FIFTY THOUSAND volts being shot into a person.  While I realize that it’s not the volts but the amperage that kills, the fact remains that the voltage DOES cause damage and/or death when there are other factors involved.  In this particular case, the man was “revved up” physically.  He was sweating, panting, and extremely agitated.  It may have been a physiological problem, he may have been high, or he may well have just been….agitated.  But clearly, in his state, the Taser was lethal. 

It also seems that he didn’t present a danger to himself or to others (yes, he was raising hell, but didn’t present as a violent person) and they made the decision to Taser him anyway.  I think this is pure laziness on the cops’ parts.  Rather than try to take him down the “old-fashioned” way, they decided to let the Taser do that for them.  God forbid they break a sweat or get their pants dirty in the process of restraining someone like that man.

Tasers have to go.  Now.


It would seem that if you’re going to visit the White House, you could fall victim to identity theft.  While this conjures up a number of humorous things I could compare this to, let it suffice to say that Dubya’s Administration requires that anyone who visits the White House EMAILS their personal information (name, date and place of birth, social security number, etc.). 

Hey, he has to pay for the war somehow, I guess.


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