‘Tis the day for silliness. I saw a woman dressed up as a responsible adult driver this morning on the expressway. Too bad the costume didn’t improve her actions.

Speaking of people masquerading as responsible adults, Britney Spears has been awarded supervised visitaiton of her sons again.

Monsters in the news today:

A mother, who apparently beat her son with cans, bottles, hammers and anything else she could put her hands on apparently liked to chain him up in the shed or in the bathroom. (story)

Two brothers who broke into a woman’s home to steal her painkillers that she was taking for her terminal cancer.  They beat her with a golf club to get the pills. (story)

The “Iowa Tax Man” who decided all by himself that pumpkins are used for decoration, not for eating, and therefore should be taxed. (story)

Yet another Republican lawmaker who campaigns against gay rights, who has now reported being blackmailed by a man he picked up for sex. (story)

John Tanner, U.S. Justice Department, for making a series of racially charged statements, including his suggestion that black voters are not hurt as much as whites by voter identification laws because “they die first.” (story)

How about some Halloween humor?

Why did the Vampire get fired from the Blood Bank?
He was caught drinking on the job.

What do Skeletons say before eating?
Bone Appetite

How do monsters tell their future?
They read their horror-scope

What is a vampire’s favorite sport?

Why do ghosts have so much trouble dating?
Women can see right through them

How do witches keep their hair in place while flying?
With scare spray.

Why aren’t there any famous skeletons?
They’re a bunch of no bodies

Why was the skeleton afraid to cross the road?
It had no guts

Have a safe and fun Halloween!