Timex T311T Auto-Set Dual-Alarm Clock Radio (Titanium)The alarm went off this morning.  As I groggily reached for the snooze button, I looked at the time display.  6:00.  Ugh!  I pressed the snooze button and the steady beeping tone stopped, leaving our dark room quiet again.  I snuggled into Lisa’s back, ready to snooze for another ten minutes.  No sooner did I get settled in when the BACKUP alarm clock began it’s own strident beeping — this one louder and more obnoxious than the primary.  “Whafuck?” I muttered as I stumbled out of bed to smack the shit out of the snooze button on that backup clock.  The large red numbers screamed 7:00 at me and several broken thoughts flitted through my brain – power outage, don’t remember hitting snooze button on primary clock for over an hour, maybe hit wrong button Friday morning and made it advance an hour…whafuck?

As my sleep-addled brain began to clear, I looked at the primary clock on the headboard again.  It indicated that it was only 6:02 — so I DIDN’T sleep through an hours worth of snooze buttons.  I stared stupidly at the backup alarm again, giving it an accusatory glare, knowing that IT was the culprit on whatever was wrong.  After all, the primary clock (pictured) runs off the atomic clock and automatically sets itself for….wait…DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!  Oh, yeah, that’s right, the backup alarm is wrong because it doesn’t set itself.  But wait…we watched football yesterday and the time on all of our manually set clocks coincided with the correct game start times.  Whafuck?

Then I remembered something.  Congress moved Daylight Savings Time up a week and it doesn’t start until the first weekend in November.  The primary clock had jumped the gun.  I was an hour late getting up and there was nothing I could do about it.  So, instead of rushing through my morning routine, I went at my normal pace.  I showered, blew my hair dry, ran a curling iron through it, ironed my t-shirt, got dressed, fixed my coffee, fed the cats, put on my shoes, grabbed my keys and cell phone, put on a light jacket, and walked out into the frost covered world outside our door.

I spent the next twenty minutes trying to scrape off the very thin but very hard-crusted layer of ice and frost that had accumulated on the RAV4 during the hail, ice-rain, hard frost overnight, as the running engine worked to warm up.

The up side of being late is that all the assholes are no longer on the expressways.  They’re already at work pissing off their co-workers.  I cruised right into work with hardly any traffic on the roads at all.  It was 8:45 when I arrived.  I think.  I hope. 

This is going to fuck me up all day long.


I heard the coyotes again during the night. 

The hair on the back of my neck stood on end when I heard several of them howling out behind the house.  Then I heard growling and barking and maybe yelping coming through the window.  At the same time, a train was passing by and the whole thing just seemed very surreal.

Idgie, who was sleeping at my side, heard them, too.  She stepped over me and, as she stepped into the small gap between Lisa and I, she hunkered down between us as if to use us for protection and insulation from the dangers that lurked outside our window.

Can’t say as I blame her much.