Here in Western New York, we have some pretty bizarre weather. On Monday, we hit a record high for the date, when the temperature soared to 82 degrees. Tuesday we just missed the record by one degree, with the high temperature reaching 80 degrees. Last night and tonight, there are widespread frost warnings. On Thursday it was cool (around 60) and overcast for the entire day — so cool and so overcast that our Morning Glories stayed open all day long.

I took the picture above at 5:00 this afternoon. The sun was peeking out from behind some dark, nasty clouds to the south and west of us — the picture is the view to the north side of our house. Look at that sky! Just an hour or so before the picture was taken, we had torrential rain mixed with little pebbles of hail, wit the hail accumulating on the window ledges and the grass. It melted together to form a glaze of ice for a brief while. But, because it was 45 degrees, it didn’t last long. It’s not unusual to hear Western New Yorkers say “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.”

I normally spend Sunday afternoons in a recliner watching football, with some knitting project in my lap. For some reason, the past couple of days I have felt very “nesty.” And no, I’m not pregnant and shame on you for even letting that thought enter your sick little mind.

Anyway, yesterday I painted the stair risers, the backs, and the sides of the riser/tread construction. I had put a thin coat on them a few months ago, figuring we’d “test drive” them that way to see how we liked them. I got tired of looking at the half-assed finished look, so I finally got them done. At some point, a few months from now (and after all the really important stuff gets done) we’ll install laminate on them, from the remnants of our floor project.

Today, instead of sitting on my rather large duff watching football and being a turd, and while Lisa was next door helping Mary with some of her projects, I rearranged the living room and did some organizing. While the new configuration isn’t exactly ideal, we don’t hate it either. It affords every seat in the room a good angle view at the television and, in my mind, makes it cozier.


I didn’t move the television (it’s too frickin’ big at 35″) or the entertainment center. Why screw with what works, right? Anyway, this is football “Pat-style.” Yes, I know I’m sick but I figure if you’re going to spend money on the football package that comes with the satellite system, why not WATCH football?


I did a bit of online Christmas shopping today, too. I’m a bit late in getting Joe’s traditional present (the new year’s version of Madden NFL Football). I also ordered him The Simpsons Movie since he’s such a child at heart, still. Truth be told, I guess I want to see it, too. I bought him, and watched with him, the South Park movie, as well as Beavis and Butthead’s movie. I love the irreverent humor and, while I’m not a huge fan of either show, I found the movies to be mildly entertaining. I also ordered Lisa some tools that I think she’ll like and will find handy to have with her as she continues to work full-time at making our company succeed.

All the changes in the living room have got two of the cats completely weirded out. They “slink” around and are startled easily at any small sound. Idgie and Simba are also both acting terrified of anything I have in my hand, no matter how innocuous is might be. They’re a trip.

So, how’d you spend your Sunday?