We spent the weekend at the Fall Foliage Festival and not only had a good time, but did very well. 

Friday brought us bright, sunny, cloudless skies — the type of day that makes the drive to the southern tier of New York state a stunning one this time of year.  But, because we had such a terribly dry summer, many of the trees haven’t even begun to turn colors yet and, some are just dropping their leaves without changing colors. 

We packed up my RAV4, from floor to ceiling (after taking out the two rear seats), loaded the luggage rack with tables, old bi-fold doors (that we use as shelving), the gazebo and our sling chairs, and off we went.

We arrived in Cohocton a little after 3:00 and, after some discussion with the lady that was allowing us to set up in her front yard (which is THE major pedestrian thoroughfare for the festival), we set up the gazebo, and unloaded the tables and doors. 

After setup, we went over to my Aunt Wanda’s house and spent the evening just visiting and having a good time — something we’ve not been able to do with them all summer long.  Saturday morning we were back up at 6:30, and arrived at the site by 8:00 to begin the process of unloading the RAV4 and setting up.  We still had some of that “flea market” stuff left over from the Rochester Public Market in August, as well as the two sets of golf clubs and bags from a lady who works with me.  However, we were really excited that this was our first opportunity to set up our home decor merchandise, as well as our health care products. 

We barely exited the vehicle before people were there, wanting to see what we were setting up.  One man asked us “Do you have any cast iron?”  I just said “Naw, I used all that on my ex-husband.”  He laughed, started to back away and said “Well, I suppose I don’t want any from you anyway then!” 

We had to pack back up at 5:00 (wouldn’t want to leave the stuff there for the hooligans to pilfer) but were back again Sunday morning by 8:00.

We had a great time, both days.  People were very friendly and, with very few exceptions, they had a decent sense of humor and often would just stand and chat.  Given that I am originally from that area of the state (actually only 13 miles away from there), I ran into some folks I knew in school, or their relatives that I knew.

By Sunday’s end, we had reduced our inventory by more than two-thirds and had far less stuff to pack up to bring home.  We were very pleased at the people who were genuinely interested in the Blue Stop pain relieving gels.  We had small sample containers with us and we’d sell them one of those ($2).  We’d then tell them to put it on whatever they had pain on and, if they still had pain when they came back through to go home, to keep on going but, if they didn’t to stop in and we’d sell them a larger container.  This proved to be a very effective method of selling that product at that sort of venue.  Many people stopped back, incredulous, saying that they all-of-a-sudden realized at some point that they didn’t hurt any more.  One man said that he’d never had a day without at least a heavy, dull ache in his knee.  After he bought our sample, he went into the port-a-john, pulled down his pants and applied it.  He stopped back on his way through and bought an 8 oz. container saying that he had never had even a moment’s relief in that knee until yesterday.  While we certainly enjoyed making some money off the product, our bigger enjoyment is in the relief that the product brings to people.  We put our own labels on the containers and everyone got a business card.  I think we’ll get phone calls from people wanting more.

Wanda had a wonderful roast pork dinner waiting for us by the time we got back to her house at 6:30 yesterday and we sat and visited some more.  It was after 10:00 by the time we got home last night.  I’m off today.  Lisa’s not.


Within the past few days and in the next few days there are birthdays for people that I haven’t seen, heard from, talked to, or anything else in a long, long, time.

First, October 5th was my half-sister’s 42nd birthday.  I have no contact with my family anymore these days.  Insulation.  Self-preservation.  Whatever psycho-babble term you might want to call it, but there it is.  Happy Birthday Sue.

Today is an ex-lover’s birthday.  I think she’s 46 or 47.  She took me on one hell of a roller coaster ride and I’m embarassed that, while I’m usually a very strong person, I was not strong enough to prevent myself from the hurt and bullshit that came with that illicit relationship.  But there you go.  Happy Birthday Kim. 

Friday is my younger daughter’s ex-boyfriend’s birthday.  She went with Andy all through high school, until just before she graduated.  Even after she moved to Colorado, Andy would stop by now and then to say hello.  I haven’t seen him in four or five years now and I hear he’s married and may even have a little one.  Happy Birthday Andy.


Denver put in an absolutely pitiful, miserable, shameful performance yesterday losing to San Diego 41-3.  They allowed more than 200 yards rushing — something you could never, EVER do against the Denver Broncos.  Denver officianados can make the lame argument that Champ Bailey was out, yadda yadda, but if one man makes that much of a difference in a game, then you don’t really have a team.  Oh, sure, they lead the league in passing defense but maybe there’s a reason why nobody passes much against them — maybe because they give up so many rushing yards.  D’ya think?  But, oddly enough, they rank #5 overall in total offense.   They rank dead last in total defense, though.  And therein lies the problem.  Joe’s Pop Warner coach used to always tell the kids “If they can’t score, they can’t win.”  Maybe he should apply in Denver.

Cincinnati has the dubious honor of having allowed the most points per game — a whopping 32.  Denver gives up 187 rushing yards per game.  Pittsburgh allows only NINE points per game.  That’s how you win, by defending the goal. What a concept, eh?


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks at work and at home.  I think that, now, things will settle down a bit and I can get back into something more closely resembling my normal routine.  You know, the one where I visit blogs, write blogs, and other stuff like that when I should be working.  😀