Many of our favorite shows have had their season premieres in the past couple of weeks.  I thought I’d sort of “review” them.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:  Last season ended up with Sara Sidle missing, taken by the miniature killer and placed strategically under a wrecked car, scrabbling for life.  Grissom reveals to his co-workers/colleagues that he has a personal relationship with Sara.  In the season opener, rain inundates Las Vegas and surrounding areas, with flash flood warnings.  Rain water runs like a river through the underside of the car that Sara is trapped in and she fights to free herself before she drowns.  Grissom, who always seems so aloof even when he seems to care, seems outright frantic at the thought of finding Sara too late.  His relief at finding her actually brings a smile to his face.  I’m thinking the new season is going to bring a lot more humanity to Grissom, and make him less of a science nerd.

 Bones:  Dr. Brennan refuses to leave the lab, citing the loss of Zack.  Booth keeps trying to get her back out into the field and fails miserably until Zack returns from Iraq — it seems he wasn’t cut out for the military style of living…and working.  Angela and Hodges search for the man that Angela supposedly married some time back on an alcohol fueld cruise.  “I jumped the broom with some guy!”  They hire a detective to find out the guy’s name, and where he can be found.  Cam and Seely talk about relationships.  (Am I the only one that thinks Cam is HOT HOT HOT?)   There’s some thought that the fact that Angela and Hodges left Bones and Booth  at the altar may have  had some effect on them.  The two seem to be heading toward a new level of intimacy.

House:  Yep, he’s back.  And he has no team.  At one point, a janitor is clothed in a lab coat and carrying a clip board, gathering information for House — the same janitor that House bounces a couple of theories off.  Cutty makes  bet with House that will require him to hire a team if he loses.  He doesn’t really lose, but he doesn’t really win but Cutty orders him to hire a staff.  There’s a hotsy totsy female doctor at the hospital that he thinks he wants on his team.  She’s young.  She’s hot.  She’s smart.  And she has a razor sharp wit.  Is it possible that House won’t need a “team” and can get by with just a smart, witty, tough intern?

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:  Olivia returns from suspension to find Cragan “reassigned” to One Police Plaza, and none other than Munch in charge of the unit.  Elliot’s daughter was arrested for the DWI that he “fixed” for her some time back, Olivia helped her fugitive brother escape, and Finn’s nephew walked on a murder charge.  As Cragan says “…all on my watch.”  Bad supervision is what 1PP says is the problem.  Enter conspiracy theorist, paranoid Munch as a leader.  This will be the season’s theme and challenge — change.  Adjustment.  Loss.

Dexter:   This program is on Showtime and we just love it.  Dexter is a serial killer who only kills those who “deserve” to be killed.  Child killers.  Serial killers.  Lowlives that buy and sell human beings.  He’s also a blood spattr expert/forensic guy for the police.  Last season saw Dexter on the trail of “The Ice Truck Killer,” who left tantalizing clues and messages for Dexter.  That situation resolves itself in the season finale (I can’t say how or go into depth because if you haven’t seen this show, you MUST, and I don’t want to spoil it for you).  This season starts off with Dexter unable to kill for reasons that aren’t entirely clear yet.  His relationship with Rita is strained and Paul (Rita’s ex) is killed in prison — and of course Rita blames herself and has suspicions about Dexter.  In the first season, Dexter explains that his relationship with Rita is perfect because they’re both “damaged goods.”  But Rita has grown stronger, and Dexter has seen more of himself in the past year, so they’re both on a path to enlightenment — although I suspect they may find it separately.  I think this season will bring Dexter closer to the humanity that he so desperately needs, but his killing is still an addiction and, deep down inside, he still needs it.

New series we’re trying:

Bionic Woman:  Sorry, but there’s no “clean cut, girl next door Jamie Somers in this remake of the old series.  This Jamie is a worldly, sultry, tough-minded and willing to play hard ball.  I’m not sure about this show but we decided to give it a couple of more looks before we decide to continue with it, or not.

Life:  A cop, convicted of murder and sentenced to life, has his conviction overturned based on exculpatory evidence, and he’s released and returned to duty — $12,000,000 richer (thanks to a lawsuit).  “Life was his sentence, and life is what he got back” is what his lawyer tells the camera crew.  We tuned into this show because (MAJOR DROOL) Sara Shahi is in it.  If you watched The L Word, you would recognize Sara Shahi as Carmen — the girl Shane left at the altar.  Hummina Hummina.  Detective Crews, in 12 years in prison, learned peace, tranquility, and the art of zen.  Which he uses in his work — and his personal life.  This might be a fun series.

Anxiously awaiting new season:

The L Word:  Hopefully we’ll see Bette AND Jodie on a tractor!  Kristanna Loken has her own show now, so I’m guessing that Shane won’t have a “domestic partner” as the series opens.  And she’s already heartbroken after having lost Shay.  Tina…well, hopefully she’ll decide whether she wants to be a lesbian, a hetero, or something, and stick with it.  I liked Helena better rich and bitchy.  Alice needs another Dana.  And we want more HOT sex!  🙂

The Tudors:  We thoroughly enjoyed the first season of this Showtime series about the life and lives (and wives) of Henry VIII.  Jonathan Rhys-Myers is excellent as the young Henry and enough good can’t be said about him in that regard.  BUT.  Maria Doyle Kennedy is absolutely phenomenal in her role as Katharine of Aragon — stately…regal…classy…and talented beyond description.   In the first season, after having received special dispensation from the Pope to marry his dead older brother’s wife (Katharine), Henry’s eye comes to rest on young, beautiful Anne Boleyn.  Henry begins a campaign to get a divorce from Katharine, based on the same reasons he used to get the special dispensation to marry her in the first place.  Cardinal Woolsey plays many “sides,” brokering marriage deals with Henry’s daughter, Mary, for peace.  As the season ends, Hnry gave the Pope an ultimatum.  This season will see England withdraw from the Catholic Church, Katharine exiled into poverty, and Henry’s marriage to Anne.  This is truly an exceptional program.  If you get Showtime, watch it.  I guarantee you there won’t be any disappointment.

That about does it…for now.

What’s your take on the new season?