She did it.  She lost custody of her kids.

Hopefully this will be a wake-up call for her — make her realize just how much she has to lose if she continues down the path she’s been on for so long.  Hopefully she actually cares.  I’m not sure, though.  The fact that she handed them over two days early is unsettling.

TMZ.com is running an article that claims that just hours after handing the kids over to K-Fed, Britney’s bare ass was peeking out from under a too short skirt while she was partying.  Business as usual.  Except, of course, for the fact that she went to DMV just after dropping the kids off, and applied for a drivers license.  Spears has been driving around LA for YEARS without a license and apparently continued to do so after the judge laid down the law a couple of weeks ago.  Might have been one of many things that were the proverbial straw for the judge to base his decision on.  That and the fact that she didn’t enroll in parenting classes OR submit to the drug testing.

Those kids have GOT to be better off with K-Fed than with Britney, at least for now.


A local woman was stabbed and killed over the weekend.

What makes her death any different than the other 38 homicides in the city this year?  More than 3 dozen people stood around watching as she was killed, that’s what makes it different.  Can anyone say “Kitty Genovese?”

Shaw, 36, was fatally stabbed in front of dozens of witnesses about 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Dewey and Driving Park avenues.Police said Shaw’s daughter had been in an earlier altercation and Shaw was attempting to get her when she was beaten and stabbed several times.No arrests have been made. 

What a sad testimony to what we have become, that we could silently stand by and watch another human being be killed, and do nothing.


Why do I have to “Voice my Choice” every year?  It seems to me that this is yet another way the utility company can f*ck us over by requiring us, year after year, to “voice our choice” on a web site that is “redesigned” each and every year, becoming more and more confusing, so we can be automatically enrolled in the “variable rate” option. 

RG&E has quite the racket going here.  If you choose not to have RG&E supply your gas and electric, you can go with Energetix (which as a child-spawn of RG&E).  Energetix supplies your power and gas and RG&E then charges you for the use of their equipment (power lines, gas lines, even the meter) which is almost always the same cost as the gas and electric.  So, if your gas and electric bill is $80 your “delivery fees” are about $80 as well.  RG&E is charging you to use THEIR equipment to have your utility delivered by another company that THEY OWN!


All but one of the dogs confiscated from Michael Vick’s property will be spared the needle.  The one that won’t apparently has exhibited highly aggressive tendencies toward humans and has a history of biting.  Some will go to work with law enforcement, some to homes, and some to sanctuary.

Like Britney Spears, he hasn’t really figured this shit out yet.  He got popped on a whiz quiz and now has to wear an ankle bracelet and must remain in his home between 10 PM and 6 AM.  As if that’s going to make a difference.  When Muhammed can’t go to the mountain…


We received word that our appeal will be heard on December 4th.  Click here for the original complaint.  Click here for an evaluation of the ruling we got.

What’s interesting is that Lambda Legal continues to claim that New York State DOES recognize marriages of same-sex couples that originated outside the state’s jurisdiction, yet this is EXACTLY what our case is about, my employer’s refusal to recognize our marriage and the court’s subsequent support of that refusal.


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