I’m home playing hooky today.  I need the day to sit quietly, without any interruptions (or distractions) to get our business and personal taxes done before the October deadline.  I’ve got a full pot of coffee on, pens and pencils at the ready, Turbo Tax in the CD drive, IRS forms stacked neatly in front of me…

…and I’m blogging. 


The Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill passed the Senate yesterday.  Finally.  Congress had already passed their own version of it and, according to the news article, the two versions need to be “reconciled” against each other before they’re sent to the President for signature.

No big surprise, Dubya has vowed to veto the measure.  However, Ted Kennedy (you gotta love this guy sometimes) ensured that it was tacked onto a Defense Spending bill so that it couldn’t be vetoed.  What’s a President to do?  Fund the war and protect the fags and dykes, or keep those GD homasexshuls in their place and abandon his pet project in Iraq?  Dilemmas, dilemmas.

In an interesting twist on the whole thing, however, was none other than Larry Craig, voting AGAINST cloture AND the bill!  I wonder…if that cop had been a gay basher and had beat the dog snot out of him in that stall for “coming on” to him, would he still think a hate crimes bill such as the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill is not needed?

Orrin Hatch (big surprise here) calls the bill “…unwise, unnecessary and unconstitutional.”

UNCONSTITUTIONAL?  Protecting people from getting the living shit beat out of them simply because they’re gay is unconstitutional? 

Repugnican opponents of the bill claim that individual (state) law enforcement agencies already do enough to protect the rights of gays and lesbians.  Yeah, here’s a good example of just that.  Note that the suspects in this case have been identified, but NOT ARRESTED!

Mike Mazzeo, a Rochester Police Locust Club union official, expressed disappointment at the news: “This is an example of cops being persecuted for political reasons.”

 Yeah, sure.  It’s not like those cops did anything wrong by letting the suspects that assaulted this group go.  Or that those cops called them “drunken dykes.”  Or that they confiscated the metal rod used in the attack from one of the attackers but let that guy go, too.  Or that they arrested the VICTIMS claiming THEY were unruly!  (One victim needed stitches in his foot after his arrest.)  Click here for original story.

All the bullshit aside, the Matthew Shephard Hate Crimes Bill has been a long time coming, but thankfully there are enough lawmakers in the House and Senate who finally understand the problem and are willing to stand up and make it right.  KUDOS to them for this legislation.


Allan Keyes has thrown his towel into the ring for a chance at the presidency.  Keyes, as many will remember, called Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter a “selfish hedonist” and a sinner.  A year later, his own daughter came out at a gay rights rally.  This man who preaches “family values” tossed his daughter out of the house, and refused to pay for her college education.  Right on (pardon the pun)!  Great family values!

Here’s the thing, though.  The Democrats aren’t immune from their own sex scandals.  But here’s the simple difference.  The conservative right actively campaigns against the very thing they’re getting caught at.  All around the nation we’re hearing about staunch, anti-gay Republicans being “outed” in some way.  It would seem to me that this would send a very loud message to the voting public — stop voting for these rigid anti-gay stands based on what these assclowns (pardon another pun) are telling you!  Think for yourself!  Think with your heart!

James Dobson is next.  Mark my words…


Finally, another couple nominated for parents of the year:

Heck, just because you HAVE kids doesn’t mean you should have to TAKE CARE OF THEM, right!?!?

GLENDALE, Wis. — A Glendale couple said they couldn’t afford a baby sitter, so they strapped their 14-month-old son in his stroller at home while the couple went out, police alleged.

Rachel Anderson and her live-in boyfriend, Mitch Laputka, were ordered to stand trial Thursday on charges they neglected baby Gabriel so badly that his body was covered with diaper rash, his body temperature was 12 degrees below normal and he stopped breathing, requiring 21 minutes of CPR to revive him. Police said the couple admitted to leaving the boy home alone because they wanted to party.

The couple recently got jobs at Pizza Hut, police said Anderson told them, and the couple used the money for drinking parties. Police said Anderson told them that she often left Gabriel strapped in his stroller when the couple went out or to work, and that she changed Gabriel’s diaper once per day. Police said Laputka told them that he didn’t do diapers, that was Anderson’s job.