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Now that we have that out of the way….


Lisa picked up a job working for a woman that bought a horse farm and, with it, a turn-of-the-19th-century built home.  The place was built sometime between 1805 and 1809 and is amazing.  There are six bedrooms in the upstairs, alone!

She’ll be doing a lot of wallpaper removal, painting, molding replacement, and other cosmetic things.  It looks like she’ll be going two days a week to that job and it might just last her for a good portion of the early winter, if not the whole winter.  And, it’s just in time.  Another job at an 1850s vintage home that she had been working two days a week is coming to a major slowdown, if not a complete halt.  The lady of the house fired her boss, too, and will stay home and keep the books for her husband’s farm instead of seeking out employment elsewhere.  She wants to volunteer, help out at the school and do things that, as she says, “…make a difference.”  Good for her!  Bad for us.  😦

But, all things considered, Lisa has had no regrets thus far in firing her boss.  She loves the work she’s doing and she loves the fact that she’s learning new things as she goes.  And, more than anything else, she’s loving the appreciation that all of her customers give her.


OK, someone explain this to me.

The constitutionality of an Indiana Voter ID law is going to be reviewed by the Supreme Court.   One Democrat “likened voter ID requirements to a ‘modern day poll tax’ designed to disenfranchise black and poor voters.”

I don’t get it.  How does it disefranchise black and poor voters?  Blacks can afford ID?  Poor people can’t afford any identification?  Why blacks, specifically and not also, say Hispanics, Orientals, Middle Easterners, or Native Americans?


Michael Vick’s problems continue to mount.  Not only have additional charges been levied against him by the state in the dogfighting debacle, but a Canadian bank is suing him for $2.5 million, the amount of a loan that Vick took out with them and is now unable to repay because of his loss of employment (and endorsement deals). In addition, the idiot turned up hot on a whiz quiz and is now ordered to wear an ankle monitoring device and must remain in his home from 10 PM until 6 AM ever day.

I have not one bit of sympathy for this guy. His suffering and anguish cannot compare to the torture he put those defenseless animals through.



Larry Craig is getting his day in court today.  If that judge allows him to withdraw his guilty plea, he’s setting a dangerous precedent and opening a real Pandora’s box for favoritism, elitism, and a host of other -isms.

“Craig has said his foot-tapping, hand gestures and looks into a bathroom stall were misconstrued by the police officer who arrested him.”

Yeah.  First the foot tapping was brought on by his unusually wide stance.  Rather than use his hand to tap off that extra drop at the end of Mr. Johnson, he probably taps his foot to shake it off.  The hand gestures were completely innocent, too.  He was simply signaling the person in the next stall to hand over some toilet paper so he could wipe…er…the excess off the end of Mr. Johnson when the foot tapping didn’t work.  Finally, he HAD to peer into the next stall to see if anyone was there because he didn’t get any TP and he still needed to get that last drop off Mr. Johnson.  The cop was totally out of line…


Speaking of cops out of line…

Another Taser incident. 

I agree with the initial use of the gun but, if you watch the video, you can see the officer kick her after she’s down from being Tasered.  What follows is simply the officer getting his rocks off on power, nothing more, nothing less.

You can argue all you want that she should have listened to and obeyed the cop but when a cop is abusing you, do you sit still for it, or does your natural instinct to avoid pain kick in?  She didn’t look like she was resisting, she looked like she was trying to escape.  Who could blame her?

If you’ve never had 50,000 volts put through your body, then you can’t say with any certainty that this doesn’t hurt. 

To me, this is no different than the guy with a K-9 unit grinding its teeth into the guy’s wrist being told to “stay still and the dog will stop biting.”  How in the hell are you supposed to calmly lay still when you are being subjected to excruciating pain?

This cop was out of control, which made the woman out of control, which made the cop out of control, which made the woman…

The barbs can become lodged under the skin, requiring surgical removal – as happened with one woman when the barb became lodged in her breast.  Another man had to have a testicle removed because it had gotten infected from a barb that had lodged in it.  Sometimes the effects of the Taser are so immediate that they cause the victim to “crash” to the ground, causing head and facial injuries.  If someone has a pre-existing condition (see the story below), the Taser can result in death.


Drunk and belligerant isn’t dangerous.  It’s just drunk and belligerant and no reason for an overweight, lazy officer to shoot a woman multiple times, even after having handcuffed her.

This guy gives cops a bad name.  Not to mention the fact that he looks a bit too out of shape to do anything other than take the lazy man’s way out and use the Taser.

In another incident, police Tasered a wheelchair-bound woman TEN TIMES, resulting in her death.  The medical examiner cited the Taser as a contributing factor to the woman’s death and, in fact, ruled her death a “homicide.”

How can anyone justify Tasering someone in a wheelchair TEN TIMES?  Only a sadist would do something like that, in my opinion.

In yet another incident, a woman was picked up by police who thought she might be suicidal.  They shackled, hog-tied and THEN Tasered her.  When they got her to the jail, they taunted her and Tasered her some more.

Makes you wonder about those supposed psychological screenings prospective cops get, doesn’t it?

So, the lesson learned here is this:  No matter how excruciating the pain, just lay there and take it and, whatever you do, don’t twitch, cry out, pull away or let your body’s natural instinct to escape take over.  Just lay there and play nice.


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