Yeah, I had a better afternoon yesterday.  In fact, I reached into my lunch bag to get something to eat and pulled out a little strip of paper that had a smiley face drawn on it, and the words “I love you.”  Made everything that went bad yesterday morning just fade into nothingness.  Gosh I love that woman!  Think about it — she couldn’t have known when she put my lunch together how things were working out for me for that morning (other than the getting up late and not being able to find my shoes and keys part).  She has impeccable timing. rainbow.gif Image of Windowpane ThrowI’m having difficulty getting into my knitting projects.  Christmas is creeping up slowly and I have a couple of projects that need to get done by Christmas.  I hate feeling pressured and maybe that’s part of it.  I don’t know.  But one project I’m doing is with a yarn that ravels, frays, and just generally gets yucked up if I don’t handle it with kid gloves, and with a loose touch while I knit.  It’s a pain right in the George W. Bush. It’s not that it’s a difficult pattern — on the contrary it’s a very easy one.  And once the yarn is knitted up, it’s soft and cozy.  But I’ll be damned if I ever work with this yarn again. I have yarn that I have no idea what I’m going to do with.  It’s one of those things where you see the yarn, you like it, you buy it without a plan, and then you just have this yarn sitting around.  It’s gotten bad enough that I’m no longer allowed in Joann’s without adult supervision. rainbow.gif I had a woman come in this morning wanting help with the copier.  I patiently explained that I do not perform key operator services for the machine.  She continued on with her plight — it seems she had a newspaper article she wanted to reproduce but didn’t want it eaten by the machine.  I suggested that maybe she should put it directly on the glass. I wonder how long it took to toilet train her. rainbow.gif A guy in North Carolina was arrested for DWI twice in the same day.  TWICE in the SAME DAY!  The first time he was arrested, he blew a .12 and, after his arrest, he was released (still HIGHLY intoxicated) with instructions to show up in court the following day.  Five hours later, he was pulled over by the same cop and blew .14 after trying to push his car through an intersection to avoid the cop. I think Gaston County, NC needs to re-evaluate their procedures when they arrest drunk drivers.  Hell, not just Gaston County but every county and locality in the US.  A drunk driver should not be released until a breath or blood/alcohol analysis shows them to be within the legal limits.  If this assclown had killed someone on his second foray onto the roads after having had MORE to drink, I’d have to say that local law enforcement would have to bear some of the responsibility for that death. rainbow.gif The New York State Thruway Authority has announced that tolls will likely go up 20 percent over the next four years.  Why?  Fewer people are traveling the Thruway due to high gas prices.  So, if people are not traveling because of gas prices, what makes these mental midgets think folks will use the Thruway if it’s that much more expensive? Many New Yorkers avoid the Thruway like the plague because of the cost.  Truckers also know that if they take certain metropolitan expressways around or through these cities, they will leave the Thruway, still be able to go like hell, and save money. The Thruway is the longest toll road in the US, just shy of 500 miles.  The tolls were originally designed to pay for the building project for this extensive roadway and, once that “payback” was realized, the tolls were supposed to go away.  Yeah…and there are a few bridges along the Thruway I can sell ya, cheap. rainbow.gif