The 1970s would have existed without Brett Somers. They just wouldn’t have been as saucy. — Joal Ryan, ENews.com

Brett Somers passed away this week. The 83 year old is best known as one of the three regulars on The Match Game back in the 70s and 80s. Her constant bantering back and forth with Charles Nelson Reilly (who passed away in May of this year), along with her highly amusing answers to those fill-in-the-blank questions made her one of my favorites on the show.
Ms. Somers, as you may or may not know, was married to Jack Klugman (of Quincy, M.E. and The Odd Couple fame). The two separated back in the early 1970s but never divorced.
Sadly, we’re at a point in our [entertainment] world where we’re losing a lot of the greats, who can NEVER be emulated. Pavarotti, Art Buchwald, Reilly, Merv Griffin and Bill Walsh are some of the celebs we have lost this year.

Yet, we can’t get rid of the Britney’s, O.J.’s and Fred Phelps’ of the world…


I quit smoking NINE years ago today! Woo Hoo! That’s more than 65,000 cigarettes not smoked. SIXTY-FIVE THOUSAND! That’s also more than $15,000 not spent slowly killing myself. I’m fiercely proud of this accomplishment and make note of it every single year.

At an event where John Kerry was the speaker, the floor was opened up for questions and a student stepped to the microphone to ask a question. In reviewing the video, it doesn’t appear that he did anything wrong but that campus police stepped in and arrested him for no obvious reason. A taser was used to subdue him, even though there were several officers who had him subdued on the ground anyway. In the meantime, Kerry tells them (and it can be heard) that it’s okay, he wants to answer the student’s question. Watch the video and tell me what you see.

Now, playing devil’s advocate, I’d have to say that it’s possible the student was disruptive and I have no opinion one way or the other on that, since we don’t see what happens before or after the video. What I DO have issue with is four or five officers having a suspect subdued and still using a Taser on him. That’s abuse of power, if you ask me, even if the guy was still struggling. If that many officers can’t subdue, handcuff, and remove someone from a room without resorting to excessive force (like the Taser) then every single one of those officers needs to start looking at the job ads under “shoe salesman” or something similar.


The Governator has announced that same-sex marriage legislation passed in California by state lawmakers will be vetoed and, if they continue to pass the legislation, he will continue to veto it.

It’s time for him to stop being such a girlie-man and vote his own conscience, not the standard party line.

It’s too bad his spine only shows up in his make-believe movies.

In Singapore, legislation was introduced to repeal sodomy laws BUT, only for heterosexuals. “It’s okay to take it up the ass, as long as you’re straight.” Seems to me that the government in Singapore is guilty of a little sodomy themselves, and it ain’t with heterosexuals.

SnotThe doctor thinks it’s allergies and possibly allergies mixed with a mild cold. She prescribed Nasonex.
The directions indicate that two shots need to go into each nostril. So, this morning I used it and now for some reason I’m speaking with a strong Spanish accent and feeling very amorous…but attracted only to flowers. Hmmm….