O.J. Simpson has been arrested again — this time for numerous felonies such as armed robbery, B&E and other charges.

An audio of the incident can be heard here.

“I hope he goes away forever,” [Fred] Goldman told Fox News. “He’s an arrogant S.O.B. He believes the world is his for the taking. He can do what he wants. He’s helped us show the world what kind of a monster he is.”

Maybe this time Simpson will actually be convicted.

But, I thought “…what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  Sheesh, not much of a tourist draw now, is it?


Denver did it again.  They won ugly.  They let the worse rated team in the NFL, the Oakland Raiders, deliver a bit of an ass-whoopin’ that took them into overtime before Jason Elam kicked the game winning field goal. 

Now, an ugly win still puts a number 1 in the “W” column but a team can’t go an entire season winning ugly.  And they won’t get far doing that anyway.

The Broncos still lead the league in total offense and in defending against the pass (62.5 YPG) but they dropped all the way to 27th in the league against the run (allowing 200 yards yesterday), something that they’ve always been good at stopping.

On the plus side, Travis Henry had another 100+ yard running game and QB Jay Cutler (I’m still not sure about this kid) is #4 in the league in passing with 573 in 2 games (Peyton Manning is #1 with 600).

On the other hand, Oakland’s Lamont Jordan is a premier back who should have an excellent career.

Shanahan’s strategy of calling time out just as Janikowski kicked a potentially game winning field goal worked toward giving Denver that ugly win, too.  On the re-try of the kick, Janikowski missed.  And missed ugly.

Speaking of Manning, Indie won ugly yesterday, too.  How they let Tennessee give them the kind of fits they did yesterday is beyond me.  Manning was sacked twice (something you don’t see much of) and Indie put up less than 90 rushing yards.  Can’t win games when you don’t have a balanced offense.

Keep your eyes on Vince Young.  He might just turn out to be something special, too.


I’m no better today than I was a week ago today.  That nasty stuff I came down with last weekend still has a really good hold on me.  My head is still stuffy, nose is still runny, I still feel wiped out, I still have sneezing fits and now I’ve begun a dry, hacking cough which causes me to…er…muti-task (if you older ladies know what I mean).  I have an appointment at 11:15 this morning with my primary care physician.  Let’s hope she can do something about this ugliness.


Must have been a slow news week around here.  Take a look at this “news” video about one of the ugly jobs at the zoo.  


Finally, ugly language peppered the 2007 Emmy awards last night.  Sally Field uttered a *GASP* profane word when she let her political beliefs enter her acceptance speech.  Other potty-mouths stood in front of the nation (and their peers) and let-er-rip too.

Hey, look.  I’m the first person to drop the f-bomb in conversation but NEVER in a crowd and NEVER in front of people (or a group of people) that I think would be offended by it.

What the fuck is wrong with some people anyway?