It’s been a long week.

People yelling at me because there’s no paper in the copy room or because the bands on the cases of paper haven’t been cut and there are no scissors on hand.

Professors needing exams generated from software I don’t have and, even after having made numerous calls that have gone unanswered, the exams sit.

Antihistamines, decongestants, pain relievers and phentermine don’t make a good mix.  The last couple of nights my BP has been (on average) roughly 140/110 — I’m going to quit taking the phentermine.  I didn’t notice any benefit from it anyway.  I was constantly hungry, felt woozy and only lost one pound during the time I was on it. 

I did, however, complete the fifth installment of “The Chronicles of Yawnia.”  You can catch it to the right on the sidebar.

Have a great weekend, folks!