Are you getting sick of me screwing around with the layout yet?  I think I like this one better than all the rest, so I’ll stick with it for a while.  At least until I can get a holiday one up at the end of the year.


My cold is better.  But not.  I’m still very stuffy.  Watery eyes.  Runny nose.  And I feel drained of all energy.  By comparison to Saturday, though, I feel 1000% better.

I laid very low yesterday.  I knitted.  I watched football.  I drank tons of water and juice.  That’s about all I could do.


So, Larry Craig now claims (via his legal team) that he pled guilty to those midemeanor disorderly conduct charges under duress.  He apparently couldn’t think with all those reporters in his face asking him if he’s gay, and all those flash bulbs going off in his face. 

I wonder if Joe Schmuck, who doesn’t have reporters and cameras in his face gets a do-over on guilty pleas…

The Capitol Steps – Tap 3 Times – Larry Craig


Any guesses as to whether Britney Spears’ shitty performance at the Video Music Awards was chemically enhanced?  Did you see her lip-synch?  Or rather, NOT lip synch?  There were times that she looked like she forgot she was supposed to be pretending to sing.  Or maybe she forgot where she was?  Or maybe she forgot THAT she was.  Watch her tentative dance movements at the beginning — almost like she’s staggering.  Or maybe just forgot where she was supposed to be.  No matter what, she sucked.  And should have stayed in rehab.

Britney Spears – VMA 2007


I was hoping yesterday afternoon that there was an ample supply of toilet paper in the city of Denver — their football team was going to need a lot of it to wipe their asses after having pulled their opening game against Buffalo out of said asses at the last possible second.

Game highlights.

For the most part, the game was a yawner.  About halfway through the first quarter, Perry ran a punt all the way back to the end zone for a Buffalo TD.  Subsequent to that, Denver kicked a field goal and, just before half-time, another field goal to end the half at 7-6.  Midway through the third quarter Buffalo scored another TD on a short pass.  The two point conversion attempt failed, leaving the Bills up by 2 with the score 14-12. 

Then, with 1:46 remaining Denver drives, converting two fourth and short plays, ending a run with 14 seconds left at the 20 yard line.  The kicking unit ran out onto the field as the seconds ticked off and, without a moment to focus, Elam kicked the ball with one second left, putting the 42 yard FG through the uprights.

Denver QB Jay Cutler threw for 304 yards (81.6 passer rating) to Buffalo QB Losman’s anemic 97 yards (57.0 passer rating). 

Denver did, however, lead the league in total defense and carried a respectable second place on total offense.  Not bad for opening day and not bad considering they seemed to have to play catch up the entire day.  All in all, I’d say that the win was ugly, but it’s a win nonetheless.

Elsewhere around the league, Dallas QB Tony Romo led the league in passing yards with 345.  Tom Brady led all QBs with a 146.6 passer rating.  TEN quarterbacks earned passer ratings of 100+ including the two Manning brothers.  

Tenessee RB Chris Brown racked up 175 yards on the ground against   with Denver’s Travis Henry in the #2 spot with (only) 139 yards.

And, apparently Randy Moss has decided he wants to play football and is happy with his new team, the New England Patriots, catching 9 passes for a staggering 183 yards.  There are 11 teams that didn’t get that many offensive yards in an entire game, notably the Steelers, Eagles and Packers, among others.

 In my opinion, these players are highly UNDERrated:  Dallas Clark, TE, Indianapolis Colts; Matt Schaub, QB, Houston Texans; Houston Texans Defense; Lamont Jordan, RB, Oakland Raiders


Edited to add:

In addition to Luciano Pavaroti, the entertainment world has lost Jane Wyman today. 

Wyman was Ronald Reagan’s first wife, and played Angela Channing in FalconCrest during the 80s.  She also won an Academy Award for her work in Johnny Belinda

Classy lady, she was.