It’s not seasonal allergies — it’s a cold.  And I was miserable all day yesterday.  The sinus pressure and pain was almost unbearable and the usual tricks (for allergies) just didn’t work.  I finally took a hand towel and soaked it in hot water and laid it across my face.  It helped with the sinus pain and pressure tremendously.  Benedryl and Chlortrimeton didn’t do shit for the congestion or stuffiness but later in the day, Tylenol Sinus finally brought me some relief.

I sorta slept okay, better than I thought I would.  A hot shower this morning helped steam all the crap out of my sinuses as well.  I feel almost halfway human today.

The games start in about two hours and, other than needing a 15-20 foot coaxial cable for the fourth television, I’m just about set.  I LIVE for football season!  I’m totally selfish with my Sundays for those 17 weeks.

Someone is coming today to look at my father’s vehicle.  I hope they want it as I’m sick of looking at the damned thing under that tarp.  The thing is, it doesn’t look like much but it’s an AWESOME runner.  With 4-wheel drive in this part of the country, you’d think it would have sold long ago as a winter shitbox.  But, these days, people want what they drive to LOOK good.  They’re more concerned with aesthetics than they are performance.

Joe has the day off today.  A friend of his had tickets for the Denver/Buffalo game at Orchard Park today.  So, Joe arranged for the day off and then, at the last minute the friend told him he’d gotten offered a shitload of money for the tickets, so he sold them.  So, Joe’s home.  At least for the moment.  He’s heading out later on to spend the afternoon with a friend watching the games.  It’s nice to see him and chat with him a bit.  We get such little time together these days.  He’s always either working or out with his buddies or doing his school work.  But when he’s home and not busy, we enjoy chatting about the world and our lives.

It’s raining.  A perfect day to law low and watch football.