Well, here we are…Wednesday before Labor Day weekend.  Classes start here the day after Labor Day.  I’ve had exactly one professor come in with updates to his course outlines and other class materials he’ll need for the first couple of weeks of classes.  He was in about two weeks ago.

But nobody else has been in yet.  Tomorrow is All College Day, when the faculty “officially” returns.  Some may come in tomorrow wanting their outlines done, and the rest may come in on Friday.  They’ll go to class unprepared, though, since our cutoff is today at noon (we have a two-day turnaround).  Waiting until the last minute is an art for a lot of these folks.  But, you can bet your ass they wouldn’t accept this type of behavior from their students.


I’ve been on the phentermine since Sunday and, amazingly, have lost about 3½ lbs. this week already.  I do not, however, see where it’s helped suppress my appetite since I do feel hungry from time to time, even within a couple of hours after I’ve eaten.  I also do not notice any increased energy.

It may still be early, though, so we’ll see. 


Lisa’s former employer sent in a protest form for her unemployment benefits, so Lisa has never collected any money.  She did, however, request a hearing.  That hearing was conducted (via telephone) yesterday.  It was conducted by an Administrative Law Judge who is not affiliated in any way with the Department of Labor.

I was SO proud of her for not holding back like she is prone to doing.  She told the judge the facts and, when asked if what her employer had just said was correct, she told him “That is incorrect…” and related the facts in an intelligent, articulate, and professional manner.  Unlike her former employer.  When the judge asked VMO (the employer) a question about a memo Lisa had sent her, she stammered and hemmed and hawed and the judge asked her “Do you have that document?” to which she replied in a whiny tone “But I have so many documents here in this pile!”  So did we, but we had them organized.  I listened in on the call (and was allowed to do so as Lisa’s “representative”) and we could hear in the judge’s voice that he was getting frustrated with VMO. 

Suffice it to say that VMO made an ass of herself, which we fully expected.  While Lisa only filed for unemployment for about 6 weeks (3 of which probably disqualified her because of the vacation pay she finally got from VMO) we still think that the odds of her getting a ruling in her favor are slim, but we don’t care.  It’s not about money.  It’s about VMO being held accountable.  And, if she sweated and squirmed a little bit, that’s icing on the cake.


Lisa’s 40th birthday is rapidly approaching — Sunday, in fact.  It looks now like her mother and father will drive up on Sunday, attend the party, spend the night and go home on Monday.  I’m taking off from work tomorrow and Friday to get ready.

Her sister, brother and niece will come up Friday night and stay until Monday.

Her two nieces will come up Sunday and stay until Monday.

Her brother and his wife will come up Sunday and head to Canada after the party Sunday.

Seven overnight guests on Sunday and I’m still trying to figure out the logistics of who is going to sleep where.  Lisa keeps saying “Let’s not stress over that right now.”  Easy for her to say!  What’s fortunate, though, is that we have three living rooms, 4 bedrooms and three full bathrooms.  Plenty of accommodations, provided we can get our hands on enough air mattresses — we have LOTS of floor space for air mattresses.

Lisa has spent the week so far doing some of the “detail” work that never got done after we painted and put in the new floor — things like re-installing the handrail on the stairs, moldings, hanging stuff back on the walls, putting in threshholds where the laminate floor meets the carpeting in the bedrooms, and other little jobs.  She’s done a great job and I’m thrilled to death that the stuff is getting done finally!

The bathtub upstairs began to leak around the drain, causing water to drip onto the ceiling tiles in the downstairs bathroom, discoloring the tiles.  She fixed that leak yesterday and we’ll replace the entire ceiling tonight with all new ceiling tiles.  After that, it’s mostly just dusting, picking up here and there, and waltzing the dustmop around.  Oh, and grocery shopping.


Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle, the loudmouth who has launched multiple attacks against the gay and lesbian community, was “unceremoniously dumped from the Broward County Tourism Council.”

Naugle had made a comment earlier that a certain stretch of beach in Fort Lauderdale had “rampant” gay sex in the public washrooms and he proposed the county spend a quarter-million dollars on a toilet that would supposedly solve the problem.  Fort Lauderdale police have stated that only one arrest has been made for sex in any public washroom on that stretch of beach and, for the entire county, only two arrests in three years for sex in any sort of public washroom.

Naugle then went on to say that Broward County had the fastest growing population of HIV positive cases.

This guys is a nutcase and can hurt this county’s economy, since it relies heavily on tourism.  He’s not representing his constituents, he’s representing his own homophobic, bigoted agenda.  Amazing how there’s always that myth about a “homosexual agenda,” yet it’s the homophobes that seem to have the agendas.

Seems to me that, with elections coming up, it shouldn’t take much to go to the polls and pull a lever under something that effectively says “Remove this asshole from office!”


And how about Senator Larry Craig?  “I’m not gay!”

Let’s see here…

His name came up in the scandal over lawmakers having sex with Congressional pages.

A blogger (Mike Rogers) last fall “outed” him as allegedly being gay after learning about a man that was “cruised” by the Senator in DC’s Union Station.

Arrested in an airport restroom for soliciting an undercover police officer for “lewd conduct.”

Yeah, he’s convinced me that he’s not gay.  How about you?


“The Queen of Mean,” Leona Helmsley, left a $12 million trust to her dog but left two of her four grandchildren completely out of her will.  The two that WERE included were left $5 million each, provided they visit their father’s grave site once each calendar year.  Still trying to control from the grave…

Gotta go…I need to practice my bark.