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I feel some rants coming on, so fasten your seat belts, put your tray tables in their full, upright position, and stow any loose items under your seat… 


After all the news reports we hear over the years of pit bulls attacking people and other animals while being allowed to run free, I’m amazed that people still allow their animals, especially pit bulls, to do just that — roam free. 

The most recent episode of attacking pit bulls comes out of Washington State where two pit bulls entered the home of a disabled woman through a pet door, that was used by her caretaker dog.  Officials believe the animals were first intent on attacking the caretaker dog but, instead, they attacked the woman while she slept.  She tried to fight them off and finally had to run through the house, firing a gun at them, until she reached her car and was able to lock herself inside and call 9-1-1.  The dogs then turned their attention on a Jack Russell Terrier across the street, killing the little dog.

According to the owner of the Terrier, there had been problems with those dogs before.  It’s unclear what kind of “problems” there had been prior to this episode.  But I don’t care.  I think that anyone who owns an animal of a specific breed that is KNOWN FOR VIOLENCE should be required to keep those animals FENCED IN and, if the animals are found running free, they should be removed from the irresponsible owner permanently.  In addition, there should be a law that says that if the police are called for any “disruptions” involving vicious breeds of dogs, animal control should be brought in and the animals confiscated until such time the owners can prove they have provided means to secure the animals to keep others in the neighborhood safe.

In addition, I think that ANY company that provides homeowner’s insurance should require that pets be reported to the company and, if a vicious breed is owned, they should jack up the premium on the homeowner that owns the vicious breed.  After all, it’s the homeowner’s insurance that’s most likely going to pay for a lot of this poor woman’s medical bills.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about pit bulls entering a home through a pet door.  We’ve also heard about them entering a home through screen doors that they just tear through.  But, the biggest offense seems to be the stupidity of the owners allowing them to roam the neighborhood unsupervised.

I hope this lady sues the asses off the clowns that own these dogs.  And I hope the owner of the Jack Russell Terrier sues them, too.  


The Pentagon admits to having “inappropriately” collecting information on GLBT groups, and anti-war groups.

As you may remember, certain GLBT student groups and groups like SLDN (Servicemembers Legal Defense Network — the group that’s trying to repeal DADT) were actually placed in the government database of potential terrorist organizations.

“A ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ protest at the University of California at Santa Cruz that featured a gay kiss-in was labeled by the Pentagon as a ‘credible threat’ of terrorism.”  (cited article)

I don’t even know how to comment on that “credible threat of terrorism” classification.  A gay kiss-in equates to potential terrorism?  All I can do is shake my head and hope like hell that SLDN’s work on bringing this to the forefront and ultimately eradicating this sort of bullshit is successful.


While this story isn’t anything new, as far as the type of story, I guess it’s the one that made me reach my fracture point.

A ten month old girl died at a local hospital after her mother called 9-1-1 and told them the girl was having difficulty breathing.

When she got to the hospital, the medical staff found burns on the bottoms of her feet, in her genital area, and buttocks, along with numerous bruises and three fractures in her skull.  They indicated that the burns were consistent with the types of burns caused by hot liquids.  Some of her burns were so severe, the skin had already begun sloughing off.

The 20 year old mother has now been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter (for failing to seek timely medical treatment for the child) and her 23 year old boyfriend has been charged with second degree murder and first degree manslaughter for inflicting the injuries on that poor little girl.  And, apparently, the mother was surprised when she was arrested!

This country needs stronger laws to punish those who would injure, torture, abuse, and kill anyone who is helpless.  The laws should add extra penalties for children under a certain age or debilitated in any way, and elderly people who are over a certain age or who are debilitated in any way.  It’s generally believed that those who would hurt children are treated badly in prison but I want them treated in the worse possible way.  No mercy.  Inflict as much pain and suffering as possible WITHOUT any protection from anyone.

Or cage them with those goddamned pit bulls mentioned earlier. 

I’m sick to death of hearing about these types of stories.  What the fuck is wrong with people today that they would slowly and methodically pour scalding liquid on a baby? 


Or hang and drown dogs.  Michael Vick is a sick fuck — if you want to destroy an animal for some reason and you don’t have the resources to just make them go to sleep like the vet does, then you put a bullet between their eyes so they go immediately.  You don’t hang them.  You don’t drown them.  That requires you to watch them struggle to live.  And that’s sadistic.  Say what you want about Michael Vick’s talent on the football field but there’s something inherently wrong with someone who would do something like this.  And, people who abuse animals typically abuse people, too.

The NFL has a standards of conduct clause written into every athlete’s contract.  The NFL also has strict rules about gambling.

He’ll plead guilty to a single felony conspiracy charge.  The state is still flim-flamming over whether they’ll bring any charges.  And it looks to me like another wealthy celebrity will get over because of their celebrity status and their money.  If it was ol’ toothless Wilber and his three beer buddies, be assured they’d already have their asses in jail on multiple convictions.

Michael Vick should NEVER be allowed to step on a football field as a professional athlete again.   The NFL should fine him millions for violation of both policies and the feds should make sure this sick fucker pays a fine large enough that he’ll have to go back to Virginia where he came from, and live under the bridge.

Doesn’t seem to me that anything good ever comes out of Virginia, anyway.




In Helena, Montana four identical girls have been born.  It’s extremely rare to have identical quads.  It’s even rarer to hear about a multiple birth like this that was not the result of insemination or other artificial procreation.  These little girls were conceived naturally.

Very cool!


Lisa got a notice that she’ll have a “telephone hearing” on August 28th regarding her unemployment benefits.  It’s not about the money, it’s the principle of the whole thing.  She was denied benefits based on false information and we just couldn’t let that sit without at least trying.

What’s really unfortunate, for her former employer, is that this hearing will become a matter of public record, along with the statement that Lisa submitted for the hearing, with detailed accounts of her former employer’s on-the-job drinking, her abusive behavior, and her mistreatment of her employees.

Sure, it’s not like it’s going to be splashed all over the news but, if anyone wants a copy of the transcript, it’s theirs.  I wonder if she’s realized that at all — the employer?


U.S. Retail Gasoline Prices - 2 1/2 years

Gas prices sure have been all over the place this year, haven’t they?  Here’s a few little statistics for you to chew on today. 

On the day Dubya took office, the national average for gas was $1.46 per gallon.

On March 19, 2003 — the day the bombing of Baghdad started, gas was at $167.3.

On May 24, 2004 the national average for gas hit $2.00 per gallon.  It dipped below $2.00 per gallon two weeks later.

It reached $2.00 per gallon again on March 14, 2005 and, never fell below that mark again.

Gas reached $3.00 per gallon nationally on May 7, 2007 and remained over $3 for almost 6 weeks, peaking at $3.21 per gallon.  Since that date, gas has not gone below $2.75 per gallon.  Today’s national average is $2.78.

In the eight years Bush has been in office, gas prices have risen as much as 121% with today’s price giving the rise in price approximately 90.9%.

Under Clinton’s 8 year administration, gas rose roughly 37% and we enjoyed 21 consecutive weeks of gas prices UNDER $1.00 per gallon (as a nation).

I’m not implying anything…just thought the figures were interesting.


My son will be attending SUNY Brockport this fall, as will thousands of other commuting students.  SUNY Brockport is between a 15 and a 30 mile drive for students who live in Rochester and surrounding areas.  Since it’s so close, a lot of students choose to commute there rather than spend the thousands of dollars to live in the dorms.

So, what do the mental giants at DOT do?  They decide that NOW is the time to re-surface the main road going into Brockport and they say the road will be fucked up until mid-November.  This is NOT a state project and, since we’ve been over that way a few times this summer, we’ve not seen any other major construction projects in the works.  So, doesn’t it sort of make you wonder what genius decided that one week before classes start for a largely commuter college would be a good time to begin  major construction?

The guy probably owns a gas station…


In two more weeks (from today) the 2007 season of the NFL kicks off.  I’ve got my $1 bills ready for the pools.  I’ve got two of the three little television sets all set up and ready to go (alongside the big one).  I’ve paid DirectTV for the NFL Season Pass.  I’ve got my knitting projects planned.  I’m READY!