Today was the day of the Public Market’s “Community Garage Sale.”  Our little booth brought in $241 and some change today.  It’s amazing how many people “found” just what they were looking for.  Golf clubs, carbeurators, tablecloths gel pens, video tapes, books, kitchenware, “man” gadgets and other things.  A guy who had the booth next to us came over and bought the Gumby and Pokey action figures we had for sale and, ten minutes later they were for sale in his own booth, for twice what he paid us for.  We saw a lot of that today — amazing what people will do for that one extra dollar, isn’t it?

I’m totally perplexed, however, that not only did we not sell one item from our inventory, but hardly anyone even looked at the stuff.  Coffee mugs that say “I see dumb people,” “Office Goddess,” “I don’t do perky,” and “What deadline?” along with desk signs that say “Tell me again how lucky I am to work here.  I keep forgetting.”  The mugs were $8 and the signs $6 — not like they were overpriced.

And the golf clubs.  I thought sure we’d sell a large number of the golf clubs we’d been given on consignment to sell.  We sold two out of approximately 20 clubs.

Yet someone bought an axe handle.  Someone bought an old Chilton’s Manual and some old pictures that I’d had from Okinawa about 30 years ago (on poster board frames).  Someone bought an old, rusted out, shelf made out of little putters and golf balls and wood.

We came home with stuff, but far less than what we went with.  Our next one is the first weekend in October, for the Fall Foliage Festival — an event we’ve gone to every year that we’ve been together.
My aunt lives right on the main drag where people set up yard sales and vendor booths for the thousands of people who come through there during that 4-day period.  She’s invited us to set up in her front yard if we want.  We think it’s a grand idea and a great opportunity for us to  try to  sell  more of the stuff that we didn’t sell today.

Just after we got home, we were sitting and relaxing, drinking a cold beer when Lisa got a funny look on her face and said “What was that?”  I said it was probably one of the cats out on the patio but for some reason she got up and looked anyway.  I hear her say “No, it’s a DOG!”  Sure enough, there was a beautiful long-haired setter/springer spaniel mix standing on our patio.  She sauntered off once she realized we’d seen her but, when I called to her, she came right to me.  Now, you have to understand, dogs don’t roam our neighborhood.  Ever.  So this was really bizarre.  Fortunately she had a tag with her name, address, and phone number.  Lisa called the number and got an answering machine, so she left a message.  In the meantime, I slid my finger under the pooch’s collar and she allowed me to lead her to the front yard without any struggles.  Clearly she was very well trained on a lead and decided to stay well behaved while I had her collar.  I barely had my finger under that collar — more to let her know I had it than to really exert any control.  But it seemed that’s all I needed to do.  I led her to the end of the driveway and told Lisa I was going to walk her home and, just as I said that, I could see a lady walking down the road, in her socks, and we figured it was the dog’s owner.  The woman was grateful we’d called and hadn’t just let the dog wander off (as so many people would have done).  I explained that seeing a dog without a leash or a human attached in some way was so out-of-the-ordinary, it seemed prudent to keep the pooch at bay until it’s owner could be found.

We no sooner got that taken care of when a young girl jumped out of a car at the end of the driveway and came running up the drive, asking us if we’d seen a miniature collie.  Seems they were missing one.  We got their name and address and promised that, if we spotted the pooch, we’d notify them.  I hope they find their pet.


Lisa lost any energy that she had left by the time we got home tonight.  Given that we were on the road by 6:30 this morning and we had to load, unload, load and unload our trailer today (yep, twice) she was pooped.  And apparently little Miss Idgie thought that Lisa’s lap looked inviting enough to nap on.  So, the two of them snoozed away while I sat and relaxed, watching Denver Broncos pre-season football.

*sigh* All is right with the world.

Yeah, she’d smack me if she knew I posted this picture.  LOL!

Me?  Heck, I’m fading fast!  By the time I get to the bottom of this glass of wine, I’ll probably have pictures being taken of me with Idgie on my lap, drool leaking out the side of my mouth….