A couple of weeks back I had an MRI done to rule out aneurysm or carotid artery blockage as the causal factor in the “whooshing” sensation I get through my head which makes me light-headed momentarily.

I saw my primary care physician yesterday and we discussed the written report she got from the imaging center and the ear specialist.  Nothing out of the ordinary and, as continued luck would have it, the small “blip” that they found on my brain back in 1991 has not grown or spread.  It would appear that the MS has lain dormant for 16 years now.

And I’m not gonna complain one bit.  I’m grateful.  I’m very lucky.


 I’m on yet another quest to lose some weight.  My doctor prescribed phentermine yesterday, the lowest dose on the market, so that I can sort of “kick start” some weight loss and help with my eating behaviors.  As I told her, I quit smoking almost 9 years ago and, it seems, I’ve traded one addiction for another. 

With a BMI of 33, it’s time to do something besides just sit around and complain or talk about what I SHOULD be doing.  It’s time for some sort of action now.

After Lisa’s birthday party on Labor Day Weekend, watch out.  It’s gonna get messy…


Another pro wrestler has been found dead.  In the spirit of pure guesswork, I’m betting they’ll find some sort of heart issue related to the use of steroids.  Hopefully the kids are paying attention.


Is Michael Vick actually considering taking some ownership of his actions?  A report out of ESPN’s web site indicates that the embattled quarterback is pondering a plea deal that would settle the whole issue of the dogfighting charges.

And then, under the standards of conduct clause in his NFL contract, he should be unceremoniously terminated from the NFL.


Speaking of doggie deaths…

You can’t leave your dogs in a hot car either, folks.  Even if they’re trained police dogs. 

And another, just recently.

If you’re the kind of person out there that thinks it’s unimaginable to forget your child is in the back seat of the car, think again.  It happens over and over and over.  One man who left a child in a hot car, and who will never forgive himself for it, has created a reminder for himself now with his new young child.  He has a tether attached to the car seat and the other end to himself.  Now, when he tries to exit the car and the tether is still attached, he knows there’s a kid there.

Seems simple enough but I think the manufacturers of the child safety seats need to think about addressing the situation as well — not that it’s their responsibility but, if they’re manufacturing a safety restraint system, why not add this additional safety feature?

Or, auto manufacturers could take some initiative to install some sort of alarm system that requires a manual turn-off after it’s been set.  Kid or dog, I’m sure there’s a very easy solution to this growing problem.


Talk about a moral dilemma:

A woman was arrested on suspicion of DUI…by her own husband.

I’m bettin’ it’s going to be awfully cold in their bedroom for a while.


Locally, a man charged with TWENTY COUNTS of sexual assault against a woman over a period of seven years had his bail revoked for not complying with the stay-away order given him at his bail hearing.

This is just wrong in so many ways…

Twenty counts of sexual assault, and he’s out on bail?

He’s told to stay away from the victim…as if a verbal order is enough?

According to the victim this guy TWICE tried to run her off the road with his vehicle after he was released on bail…and all they did was revoke his bail and NOT bring new charges?

We’ve got some real winning jurists in this area.  A family court judge continues to award custody of a little boy to his crack-head mother because she’s “trying” to get re-habbed.  Forget the fact that the kid misses, on average, one day of school each and every week (often more) because Mom just can’t get her ass out of bed to get him up and ready for school.  Forget the fact that, the last time Mom was in rehab at the end of the last school year, the little guy had perfect attendance for the 5 or 6 weeks he was with Dad AND had his homework done every single day.

Rather than rule on the best interest of the child, the judge keeps rewarding Mom for minimally good behavior.