It seems that time goes by so fast during the summer.  Part of it is that we’re always seemingly very busy and we cram so much into such a short period of time.  The other part of it is that, once you reach a certain age, you can get windburn from the passing of the hands on the clock as they whiz by at lightspeed.


Just for giggles, I put an ad for our company up on Craigslist.com.  We got a call last Sunday for a job and, on Tuesay went out and met the guy at his new house and went over what he wanted done.  We sent him an estimate later that night and, after checking our references, he called and made an appointment with us to start on Friday.  We spent about 5 hours on Friday weeding his landscape beds and knocking down weeds that were taller than both of us in the gravel section of his side yard.  He told us he was amazed at how much we had done in such a short period of time (as was evidenced by all the pruning debris laying around the yard).  He asked Lisa what sort of “indoor” work she does and, before we knew it, Lisa had an appointment all set up with him this Wednesday to mow his lawn and then go inside the house and clean the wood work in the kitchen and the main stairway, and then put some polyurethane in all the wood to spruce it up.

While we worked at his place on Friday, Lisa got a call from a woman who was looking for a yard cleanup at her mother’s house on the lake — she’d gotten our information from Craigslist.  We’ll see her later this week.

In the meantime, Lisa has standing job appointments on Monday and Tuesday for one couple, Wednesday for that couple’s mother, and Thursday for another couple who have purchased a new home and are working on getting their old one (of 33 years) into condition to sell it.  Lisa mows the lawn there weekly as well as doing a lot of indoor cosmetic work like painting, spackling walls, re-glazing windows, and stuff like that.


We’ve got a booth at the Rochester Public Market’s “Community Garage Sale” for this coming Sunday.  We’re selling yard sale stuff on “consignment” for some folks, as well as getting rid of a bunch of crap from our own house.  A couple of other people will be going with us as well, to sell their own stuff (like the lady that just left that old house, whose husband is a packrat collector).  We’ll also take some of our product with us to sell, too (the Blue Stop and other products made by that manufacturer).


We had a BBQ yesterday for my three student aides and had a great time.  Nick brought a croquet set and we all played and laughed a ton.  All three of them will be moving on to other schools this fall and I’m deeply saddened at losing them.  The twins were a blast to have around and were just adorable (even as they bickered with each other daily).  Nick’s dry wit and easygoing personality made him very lovable, too.


Cole & MalcolmWe watched The Sixth Sense last night — I’d never seen it before (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know…but better late than never).  I loved M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs with Mel Gibson.  While he explores dark topics, he seems to enjoy injecting hope into the movies as well.  In the movie Signs, the focus isn’t on the creatures who invade this world, but on the family’s unity through the struggle.  In The Sixth Sense, again, there is an impenetrable family bond in spite of the struggles of the family as individuals and as a unit.  I’m now on a mission to explore other films by this terrific writer/director.

Oh, and, can I just say that I think that young Mr. Haley Joel Osment put an amazing intensity into his work that you just don’t see from many adults.  His performance in The Sixth Sense was amazing and, in my not-so-humble-opinion, better than some Academy Award winning colleagues.

He first captured my heart as Forrest Gump, Jr.   There was such a freshness and authenticity to this kid — I hope he’s kept whatever it was as he’s matured and grown into adulthood.

I would have loved to have seen a film with young Mr. Osment and young Ms. Dakota Fanning playing opposite each other.  Opposite Denzel Washington, Ms. Fanning was fantastic, too.

He’s 19 now, and she’s 13 — and they’ve likely lost the innocence that they once commanded during their fantastic performances as children, but I still think it would have been a great combination.


“Karl Rove is moving on down the road,” [President] Bush said, appearing grim-faced on the White House’s South Lawn with Rove at his side.

I suppose it’s too much to ask that he take Bush with him…