Star Jones has confessed that she had gastric bypass surgery!  I’m so bumming.  And here, all along, I thought she’d lost all that weight just doing pilates…


(August 2, 2007) — An Amish boy remained hospitalized today, one day after a tire exploded in his face at a Seneca County business.

Amos D. Peachey, 9, of Ovid, was visiting his father, Chris A. Peachey, at his workplace, Keystone Mills – a wholesale farm supplier, in Fayette, Seneca County, said Seneca County Sheriff’s deputies.

While there, Amos was inflating a wagon wheel tire with an industrial-strength air compressor. The 10-inch tire exploded in the boy’s face, deputies said.

Amos sustained severe facial injuries and a fractured skull, deputies said. He was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital via Mercy Flight for treatment. Amos was listed in guarded condition today, according to a hospital spokesman.

Deputies were investigating the incident.


With potential perjury accusations hanging over him, embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales sent a letter to Senate leaders Wednesday acknowledging he “may have created confusion” in his previous testimony.

And here I thought he was just lying through his teeth…


There might be some use for Facebook after all.

TORONTO, Canada (AP) — When Lori Haas joined Facebook, she didn’t know much about the popular social networking site except that most of her friends were on it. Little did she know how life-changing the online tool would be.

After spending a year searching for the son she gave up for adoption 20 years ago in phone books, adoption registries and on the Internet to no avail, a friend suggested searching for him on Facebook.

“When my friend told me about the search tool and I typed in my son’s name, Travis Sheppard, I couldn’t believe it when I saw a photo of him,” she said.

Mother and son apparently are doing well — together. 


I came into work yesterday morning to find our parking lot blocked off by construction signs.  I had to go all the way around the back side of campus in order to get back to where I needed to go for alternate parking.  They were sealing cracks in the parking lot.  This was yesterday.  Today, we get a notification in our daily news system:

 Parking lot work to begin
The annual crack filling of the parking lots and roadways is scheduled to begin this week. There may be temporary closures of some lots while the work is being done. As soon as the asphalt sealer hardens, lots will be re-opened for use. This work will begin at 5:00 am each day and will continue in most of the lots and roadways for approximately three (3) days.

In mid-August we will repeat the process to paint new lines in all the parking lots that need it. Our present plan calls for striping in lots E, F, G, H, and the administration loop.

On Friday August 10th, parking lots N and P will be closed for application of sealer and restripping. These are the two lots closest to the campus center.

*sigh* If only I’d studied engineering.  I could get paid BIG BUCKS to be an idiot, instead of the shit pay I get now for being the same idiot!


An interpreter from the classroom across the hall came and asked me if I smelled a “fuel-type of smell.”  It seems that the classroom reeked of it.  I called the Public Safety dispatcher and they sent an officer to check it out.  They’re doing some roofing nearby and have their GAS POWERED equipment sitting right on top of the air intake.

See comment above regarding wishing I’d studied engineering.