Minister Tommy Tester, a “Family Values” Baptist minister from down south, who back in the 1970s led a parent protest at the board of education in the Bristol, VA schools against literature books with “common curse words,” (like damn, hell, etc.) was arrested for drunk driving, urinating in public in front of children, offering a BJ to arresting cops, all while dressed in a skirt.

OK, let’s see if we can find some family values in there…

In other news of the pius:

 In San Luis Obispo, a Catholic assistant pastor (Rev. Geronimo Enrique Cuevas) was arrested for groping an undercover police officer near a beach known for its nude sunbathing.

A South Carolina Baptist clergyman (Claude Wallace) was arrested for sending sexually explicit text messages to a 17 year old girl who had visited his church recently.  The girl’s father found the messages and called police.  Apparently SC has a law that makes it illegal to text sex stuff to anyone under 18. 

In Arizona, a Baptist pastor (Wendel Nix) was arrested for having sex with a 14 year old member of his congregation.

In Shelby County, Tennessee a Baptist pastor (Steven Haney) was arrested and charged with sexual battery by an authority figure.  A 21 year old man has alleged that the pastor molested him for several years from the age of 15 on.

Pastor John Willie Knight is accused of (and admitted to) grand theft after he took $3,000 from a home owner in St. Petersburg, FL promising to repair the roof.  After two years went by without any roofing being done, the homeowner decided he’d waited long enough and called police. 

A former pastor at Immanuel Baptist church in Slidell, AZ )James Griffin) has been arrested on two counts of sex crimes against minors, with the possibility of more charges coming.  Oh, did I mention the FORTY SEVEN charges of pornography involving juveniles?

Anyone see a specific pattern here?  Looks like the Catholics don’t have a lock on child molestation…

Moving along to our country’s leadership:

Federal agents from the IRS and the Justice Department/FBI raided the Alaska home of 83 year old (and longest serving Repgnican in history) Ted Stevens during an ongoing investigation into corruption.   Nothing like chairing the House Appropriations Committee and steering business to where it will do you…er…I mean the country the most good.  Yeah, the country…that’s it.

Democratic State Senator Joseph Coniglio of NJ is also being investigated on charges of corruption.  He apparently was responsible for awarding millions of dollars to a medical center that had “hired” him for $5K a month as a consultant of sorts. 

Wichita state Rep. Jim Ward was arrested on suspicion of DUI last week.  I wonder if he chairs that state’s committee on Drug and Alcohol Abuse like Rep. Susan John of New York State did, when she got HER DUI?  Fellow NY lawmaker Rochester City Councilman John Lightfoot was arrested last week for DWI following a 2-car crash.  He already has two prior DWI convictions from 1998.  Oh, did I mention that his blood-alcohol level was 0.14?  Almost twice the legal limit?

Former Alaska state Rep. Tom Anderson was convicted of conspiracy and bribery earlier this month.  Sen. Ward Crutchfield, from TN was charged in an FBI sting with bribery.  In exchange for his testimony, the charges of EXTORTION were dropped. 

“Don’t do as I do, do as I say”