Well, the doctor called me on Saturday to tell me that the MRI came back “normal.”  That’s good news in more ways than one.  First, no carotid artery blockages or aneurysms.  Second, no indication of MS activity since the last one.  I’m so lucky!

I’d be interested in what my neurologist has to say about it now, since they had him copied on the report.  I’ll call his office later and see what there is to see.


The invitations are sent out for Lisa’s birthday party on September 2nd.  It looks like a large part of her family will be making the 4 hour trip from PA to attend.  Should be an interesting weekend with all those bodies in sleeping bags and air mattresses throughout the house.  Good thing I’ve got a lot of floor space.  And tents.


Lisa’s grandfather isn’t doing well.  According to her mother’s report yesterday, the medical staff at the facility he’s at indicates that he had a heart attack, sometime between Friday and Saturday.  I’d have to assume that it was relatively mild for them to not have known about it.  Still, it’s cause for concern.  On top of that, he’d been unable to urinate and, at the same time, complained of horrific pain in his back.  They finally decided to catheterize the poor guy and pulled 2000 cc. of urine out of his bladder.  Yeah, you read that right, two THOUSAND cc.  I’m thinking that back pain was a combination of urinary blockage and the heart attack.

He now has a MRSA infection (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) — which is typically seen in people in long-term care facilities or hospitals.  I’m unclear as to whether his pneumonia is MRSA caused, or from some other source.  Most likely, the MRSA infection caused the pneumonia, and possibly the heart attack, too, since it can cause endocarditis.  Unfortunately, if this is the cause of his pneumonia and, given his advanced age, MRSA caused pneumonia has a very high mortality rate.

He told Lisa’s mother that he spent the day talking to his wife on Thursday.  I’m afraid there’s another trip home for a funeral in Lisa’s immediate future.

Let’s hope I’m wrong.