Today’s videos:  The Green Mile, Independence Day

Song stuck in my head today:  NONE!  It’s quiet in there today!

Knitting project progress:  None since last week.


Joe’s on the mend, and was feeling much better by the time I got home yesterday.  I got him a Snickers Bar Ice Cream Cake, some candles that spelled out “Happy Birthday,” some Porterhouse steaks that would choke a horse, and “Cheesy Cheddar” pasta side dish from Lipton, and fixed him a birthday dinner.  The Snickers cake was, as he put it, “an excellent choice!”


I lit into Mary (our neighbor) last night.  I guess I had reached my fracture point on her negativity toward life in general and her assertion that HER opinion and HER life experiences are THE way life goes.

We were talking about what was best for my granddaughters, as far as where they live.  Michelle is thinking about moving to Corning but is reluctant to do so because of having to move the kids out of the school they’ve been in from the start.

Under normal circumstances, that might not be a problem but, after an appointment with Legal Aid yesterday, and their advice that she cease taking the kids to her (first) ex’s family for care, I felt that moving the kids out of their familiar turf at school, added on to the breakup of Michelle and Doug and THEN taking their father’s family out of their lives would just be too much.  Mary’s assertion is that it’s not about the kids and that she moved her kids around and they were just fine.

Well, I moved MINE around a lot, and they WEREN’T “just fine.”  Oh, sure, they adapted, but there’s a price to be paid for moving kids from school to school and state to state (or town to town) so much. 

Sometimes I just get sick of Mary’s bullshit, and last night, I let loose.  Later, when I told Lisa that it actually felt good, she said that maybe that’s what we should start doing, is calling Mary out on some of the bullshit that she doles out.  For example, no matter what task we’re doing (laying floor, landscaping, even washing the car), she’s got a specific opinion on how it should be done (and, of course, we’re NEVER doing it right), because she’s “done it for a living.”  She’s done EVERYTHING for a living, apparently.

And, of course, Mary will blame my outburst on the lack of Prozac.  As if…


It’s been relatively quiet at work.  Just the way I like it.  I’m getting things DONE!