Today’s video:  None

Song stuck in my head today:  Promises Promises, Naked Eye


Took Joe to the Dr. today (Happy Birthday, Joe).  They’re saying tonsilitis, but treating it like strep, just to be sure.  Sucks being sick on your birthday.


Here’s a public service announcement:

 DON’T order anything from the Coleman Company online.  If your item is backordered or whatever, they won’t contact you, you’ll just wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait…

Then, when you’ve finally had enough and go to call them, you’ll sit on hold and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait.  The first time I called, I was on hold waiting to get to a customer service rep for 28 minutes.  Then, when I finally got one, he put me on hold and, after 12 minutes of that hold, I had to go and had to hang up.  As I write this, I’ve been on hold for 15 minutes.

I finally got through after 18 minutes on hold to find that the stuff I ordered on MAY 20th was still on backorder — stuff I can pick up at Gander Mountain right now.

I canceled the order.


Brand new computer in the front office is down.  Must be some sort of bad computer karma I have this week.  The windows system file is corrupt, supposedly. 

Received word from the computer repair guy that the home PC’s power source AND motherboard are fried. If it ain’t one thing…


Cutting out early to go to Gander Mountain, get a card and a cake for Joe, and call it a day.