I’ll work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday then I’m on vacation until July 15th. Oh, yeah…17 days away from the office. I suspect posting will be sporadic, at best.

We’ve been busy getting stuff prepped for our company. Quickbooks isn’t converting from the Windows XP edition to the MAC version the way it’s supposed to. To make matters worse, the XP computer was dead this morning — looks like the power supply is fried. The face display on the printer was all blanked out so it was clearly some sort of electrical “event” that caused the problem. The printer seems okay but, even after opening the computer and blowing out the dust and crud from every interior part of the computer, no power. So, the laptop is the only thing running right now.

I took it to a place that only charges $19.95 for diagnostics. It’ll cost me a total of $85 if they replace the power source. Not bad, all things considered.

In the meantime, our company books are on that PC and, while I’ve backed up the data weekly, on Sundays, last week’s shit wasn’t backed up yet and there was a lot. So I’m sort of stuck, for the time being. Hopefully they’ll get the power source replaced and tht will be the cure. Keep your fingies crossed.

We did a major cleanup on Thursday at the old residence of a former boss of mine. Back yard and front. Two pickup truck loads of leaves, and one truckload of tree debris later, the back yard was cleaned up. The dogs they had were big dogs that loved to dig. There was a horizontal hole that was, literally, a tunnel that went underground FOUR FEET! We filled it as much as we could with some of the rock and mortar debris, as well as loose soil, but there was still a lot to do. We went to the town and got some of the free mulch they put out after they chop up tree limbs they collect along the side of the road and, after two truckloads of that, we had the holes filled and the bank of the hills covered.

The customer was so pleased that she’s hired Lisa to do some more work at her new house. Removal of a carpet, painting, drywalling, stuff like that. She wants to keep Lisa sort of “on retainer” to do stuff around her house.

Lisa had a good first week of self-employment. Two days at the place we’d been working over the winter putting in a screen door and a new window. One day next door, then we did all day Thursday at this job, and she spent a few hours on Friday finishing up the job. Then we spent about four hours yesterday patching a “sink hole” in their driveway.

I’m happy that she’s seemed so pleased with her lot in life this week. She’s happy, she’s feeling useful, and she’s not having to put up with all that shit. How could it get any better?

Tomorrow is Joe’s birthday. He’s been sick today, with a very sore throat and a temperature of 102. He didn’t feel well yesterday and, for the first time in the 9 years he’s been there, he called in sick to work. I’m worried that it might be strep or something worse. I always worry about him. He goes like gangbusters 7 days a week and, from April to two weeks ago, worked 10 hour days without a single day off. He had mono a couple of years ago and, as a younger child, was prone to strep on a monthly basis. He’s been strep-free for about 10 years now so I’m not as worried about it being strep as I am mono or something worse.

I’ve been poking Tylenol down him all day, as well as juice and decongestants. I’m working on an assumption that he may be suffering from allergies and, with impacted or infected sinuses, is having enough post nasal drip to get the sore throat. That happens to me sometimes when my allergies get bad.

We’re going camping for 4 days over the 4th. Our anniversary is the 5th so we thought camping and being away from the world in general would be a great way to spend it. Hopefully Lisa will get her two weeks’ vacation that she had coming to her at the job she quit. By NY Labor laws, if there’s nothing in writing in a company’s SOP or Procedure manual specifically denying payment of vaction time for quitting or other dismissal, it must be paid. We’ll see…

High Art is on the Sundance Channel right now. It’s a pretty decent movie, about a magazine editor (Radha Mitchell) that falls for a neighbor (Ally Sheedy). I first saw it some years back when I was involved in a very toxic relationship with a married woman — I identified with the Mitchell character at the time. Ally Sheedy did a really good job in this movie, but apparently hasn’t done much else that is meaningful since. We saw Ally Sheedy recently in an episode of CSI and she looked AWFUL! She’s only 45 years old and looked 60.

What’s really unfortunate is that there aren’t a lot of GOOD lesbian-themed movies out there that aren’t B-grade and based primarily on sex. We’ve seen Bound and Better Than Chocolate and other like movies, but just haven’t found anything “tasteful” like High Art. If These Walls Could Talk 2 was one, but no others really come to mind. Any suggestions?