Today’s videos:  Braveheart, Brokeback Mountain

Today’s song stuck in my head (new feature):  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)


We drank champagne last night. 

We toasted a new(er) start to our company, and a new chapter in Lisa’s life.  Co-workers called Lisa throughout the evening, extending their best wishes (as well as their envy).  Only one co-worker didn’t call, but that wasn’t any huge surprise.  They all expressed their support of not only Lisa’s departure, but of her reasons, and the fact that she was bluntly honest in her letter of resignation.

I encouraged her to take a “selfish” day today, doing whatever struck her pleasure center for the moment.  In the time she was home yesterday, she did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and did some general putzing around the house.  Even though she had no need to, she got up with me this morning, made my coffee, kissed me good-bye, and stood grinning in the driveway as I backed out.

Yeah, this is going to be good — for her, for US.


Here’s another set of parents that need to be strung up by their….whatevers.

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (AP) — Police in northwest Georgia have rescued a boy from a hot car where his mother’s companion is accused of tying him up.

Ringgold, Georgia, police say a Cracker Barrel restaurant employee called police after seeing Raymond Minchew take the 6-year-old out of the restaurant and return without him — then finished eating his meal. Ringgold is about 13 miles southeast of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Police found the bound boy sitting in the car, crying.

Sergeant John Gass says the child was soaked with sweat and had a rope tied to one of his ankles. Gass says the temperature was in the 80s Saturday in Ringgold.

The 61-year-old Minchew and the boy’s mother — 35-year-old Rachel Gilchrist — were arrested and charged with cruelty to children and concealing a weapon. There was a handgun in the car.

Investigators believe the boy was in the hot car for about a half hour.

Police Sergeant John Gass says the couple contended the boy had misbehaved, although witnesses at the restaurant disagreed.

The boy has been placed in protective custody.


The New York State Police have confirmed that the remains found in January are those of my uncle, who had been missing since August of last year.

Now his long-time companion, as well as the family, can have some closure.


The local police department is now asking for the public’s help in identifying the attackers of two groups of people last week, which responding police officers allowed to leave the scene of the attack, arresting some of the victims of the attack, and using homophobic slurs as well. 

The FBI is now involved, since it has (apparently under duress) now been classified a hate crime.


The NY State Attorney General’s office, in spite of their opposition to the filing of our appeal, is apparently interested in filing an amicus brief in support of the recognition of our marriage.

The appeal is set to be heard sometime the week after Thanksgiving.  This process was first started in March of 2004 — it’s a LABORIOUSLY slow process.

And I have to say that I would never again enlist the help of the ACLU for anything.  They’re a political machine concerned less with civil rights and more with politics.  When the initial ruling was made against us (which EVERYONE knew was going to happen), they were going to withdraw from the case and not support the appeal, fearing it would create “bad law.”  They actually asked me to withdraw my decision to appeal, to basically just sit down and shut up.  I was supposed to just accept that I was discriminated against and do nothing about it.

The ACLU should be the last agency any GLBT member should contact for help.  They defended Reverend Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church’s right to free speech MUCH more vigorously than they’ve defended my rights to have my marriage recognized.  That should tell ya something.