Well, if you’re inclined to shoplift at the Home Depot, it seems it’s the best place to do so.  The company’s policy (for workers at the store) is to tell shoplifters to “…have a nice day” and let them go.

So, any criminals reading this blog, go ahead, take what you want from the Home Depot because they apparently don’t care, and have specific instructions to their employees to turn their heads while you walk out of the store with unpaid merchandise.


I really hate banks.

I hate that they sucker people in with their claims of “Totally Free Checking” when, in reality, it’s Totally FEE Checking.  You see, here’s the catch.  The checking part of the account is free — that much is true.  It’s the peripheral services that nickel and dime you to death.  Fees for Online Bill Payment.  Fees for using your debit card.  Fees for NOT using your debit card (this actually happened to us).  Low balance fees.  Low AVERAGE DAILY balance fees. 

When you sign up for a checking account, you might as well drop your drawers, turn around, bend over and spread ’em.

Do yourself a favor — look into your local credit union.  They have the absolute best FREE accounts, and offer FREE services (for the most part) associated with your account.  The price of a completely free account, however, is that they are typically non-interest-bearing.  But, for the lousy $.87 a month in interest you might get, who cares?


Medical issues my achin’ ass.  Yet more proof that those that HAVE, have enough to stay out of jail where those that HAVE NOT, do every day of their sentence.

 Just sayin’……


I’ve been “watching” DVDs at work — things are relatively slow, but I still have work to do, so I’ve had a very small screen that stays on top of everything that shows the DVD and still enables me to have other windows open and work.

I love my job in the summertime!

I decided I’d go through the DVDs alphabetically so today was And the Band Played On and Beaches.

Only 42 more DVDs to go, and 32 working days with which to watch ’em.

Don’t you wish you had my job?  LOL!