It’s bad enough that homosexuals are being beaten just because they’re homosexuals, but who do you turn to when you’ve been bashed, and the police bash you too?  What follows is an excerpt of the (linked) story about the indefensible actions of the local law enforcement officers who responded to the complaint.  (BTW, the picture is of Ashville, NC police doing basically the same thing — for that news story, click here.)

But that’s the least of what upsets them because they claim when 15 cops came to the scene the police let their attackers go, one of them still holding this metal pipe. And then when they protested they claim police not only refused to take a report, but violently took three of them into custody, in a most unprofessional manner.

“The cop was like you drunken dyke, do you want to go with your friends? Get away, go home and they just kept saying you drunken dyke what’s your issue, go home, go home,” said Megan.

Alex was one of those arrested, he says he passed out after police slammed him to the ground and was then put in the back of a cruiser. “I felt like a really sharp searing pain in my foot and that really got my attention and I popped up and I looked down and the arresting officer had taken out his pocket knife and had cut my toe,” said Alex.