It’s Monday already! 

We spent the weekend at my Aunt Kay Ann’s house, putting in all of her new bushes and shrubs and perennials and…

We dug 27 holes (in very rocky ground) for rhododendrons, azaleas, roses, sand cherries, weeping pea trea, arborvitaes, and vibernums.  We also planted several coral bells, bleeding hearts, hostas, hens and chicks, and flowering dead nettle.  We pruned the Forsythias, dug out more daylilies than we knew could ever exist in one garden (they filled EIGHT lawn and leaf bags) along with a crop of rhubarb that would fill a small bedroom.

To say we’re exhausted after two full days of landscaping is an understatement!

Unfortunately, we weren’t smart enough to remember to take our digital camera with us to take before and after pictures.  The transformation was AMAZING!

The up side of it is that our little company is thriving and we have work enough to get us through most of the summer weekends (that’s without taking on any new jobs).  If we thought she could work steadily, Lisa would quit her job now and work our company full time.  The problem is the winter months — we need more home handiwork jobs that could keep her earning money when the weather won’t allow the landscaping.

We had an opportunity Saturday night, after dinner, to just sit and chat with Kay Ann and my other aunt and her husband (Bob and Wanda).  Kay Ann’s neighbor (and ex-husband’s niece) who lives behind her brought over big glasses of Bahama Mamas for Lisa, Kay Ann and me, not knowing that Bob and Wanda were there as well.  Kay Ann, being diabetic, can’t really drink alcohol (not to mention all the other meds she’s on).  I have absolutely no taste for hard liquor (for the most part) and I really didn’t think Lisa did, either.  But, she and Wanda knocked back two of the three drinks and, when Kay Ann told them hers was in on the counter, they split that too.  The two of them sat on the steps to the deck wondering how they could get more Bahama Mamas and Bob dutifully offered the suggestion that they go over and ask if Nancy wanted her (disposable) cups back.  They got right to it and I decided to tag along to see how it all played out.  Inside of five minutes we were seated around the fire ring, Wanda and Lisa drinking Bahama Mamas, me with a large glass of red wine and Bob and Kay Ann following within 10 minutes of us.  We sat and chatted until a little after ten, went back to Kay Ann’s, and after saying goodbye to Bob and Wanda, we showered and dropped into bed.

I was absolutely AMAZED that Lisa drank hard liquor and even more amazed at my Aunt Wanda.  The two of them giggling with each other and having a great time was quite amusing.  Wanda wasn’t in terribly good shape yesterday morning but Lisa didn’t seem to have any ill-effects at all.

We started back to work yesterday morning around 9:00 and didn’t finish up until just about 8:30 last night.  We gathered up all of our tools and loaded everything back onto the trailer and into the truck and, just as we put the tailgate of the trailer up, the sky opened up and dumped buckets of much needed rain.

We sat and chatted with Kay Ann for about a half hour while we waited out the heavy rain, then said good-bye.  We got home around 10:15 last night.  We just backed the trailer onto the lawn out of the way, got anything essential out of the truck, went inside, showered, and fell into bed again.  It was about 11:30 by the time we turned off the light.  Lisa mentioned how late it was and that we’d have to “sleep fast” because the morning alarm would be going off sooner than we wanted it to. 

It did.

And I wore out the damned snooze button this morning.

In all, we had a pretty decent and productive weekend. 

Next weekend we’re working at my foster sister’s house doing some home repairs inside and out and, as she told us last week, their rental property is in need of some work before they can rent it out again.

No rest for the wicked…