Yeah, I used the word GLORIOUS.  It was just gorgeous here on Saturday — about 68-70 degrees, a beautiful, blue, cloudless sky, and just a wisp of a breeze.

I had a regular aunt-o-rama.  My aunt Wanda, KayAnn, and Peggy (Wanda’s younger sister) came up to accompany KayAnn to the Garden Factory where she hoped to find trees, shrubs and perennials for her new home.  She dropped a bundle there, but the wonderful part was that, because of the amount that she bought, they gave her wholesale pricing.

We went back to our house and had a light lunch consisting of marinated chicken breasts, baked beans and pasta salad.  We were able to eat outside on the patio, and it was just as comfortable as anyone could have wanted it.  Not too hot, not too sunny, not too windy…

We went to BJ’s wholesale club afterward, to look for patio furniture and a fire pit for KayAnn, and then they went home.  It was a long day, but it was nice to have the three aunties up and fill the day with laughs and flowers.

It was pretty poopy yesterday, rained off and on the entire day, but we really didn’t care.  We’d gotten the lawns cut on Friday, had the house cleaned and really didn’t have anything terribly pressing, so we slept in a bit — I got up at 9:00 and Lisa didn’t get up until 11:00.  While Lisa slept, I got out all our cooking equipment for camping and got it cleaned up and/or in the dishwasher and then worked on our packing list.  After Lisa got up we went over the packing list while we sipped coffee and lazed about until almost 1:00.

We got out the new tent (we haven’t used it yet) and did a “dry run” on setting it up on the patio.  It’s a “Montana Big Sky” that we bought at BJ’s Wholesale Club for only $79.99 last year, toward the end of the season.  It’s 7’x16′ and is supposed to sleep seven.  Our mindset was that, in the event of inclement weather, we’d want our gear where it wouldn’t get wet and this tent affords us a lot of space inside, while still allowing for some movement.

We re-packed all of our camping totes with the stuff that I had cleaned, and began getting other things around for the trip.  A bit later, I ordered a “ceiling fan,” a freestanding organizer and a soft storage tote.  We won’t have this stuff for the trip this weekend, obviously, but we really wanted them for our July trip. 

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This weekend we’ll be at Newtown Battlefield State Park, about 120 miles south of here.   It’s the same place we went last year over Memorial Day, and we just loved it.  Our site was good sized and, as you can see by the picture, relatively “private (other than the road).  That’s our “old” tent in the picture — only a 4-person.  We’re planning to take our gazebo and set it up over the picnic table, with the opening to the tent going right into the gazebo, as we’re expecting some rain and we just figured it would be easier that way.  Isn’t my RAV4 just a pretty little thing?  We’re hoping to try to get as much gear as possible up on it’s roof rack so that we’ll have room for our two bikes.  I can actually stand two bikes up in the back of the sucker, if I remove the two back seats.  If we can’t do it, then we’ll take Lisa’s truck the next time we go camping.  That will be over the 4th of July (our next confirmed date), unless we decide on a spur-of-the-moment trip.

We spent the remainder of the day huddled over our new laptop, playing Sudoku together, giggling, chatting, and just enjoying the time.

After a nice dinner of Alaskan king crab, angel hair pasta in alfredo sauce, and broccoli, we settled in and watched Dexter and then The Tudors

While we’re back at the salt mines today, it’s with a light heart (at least for me) and excitement for next weekend, regardless of the weather. 

How was your weekend?