On tonight’s American Idol Gives Back, your bottom three (my predictions) will be Lakisha, Chris, and Phil.

 I personally think that Jordin and Melinda will just run away with this competition and will be the last two standing.  The last three, most likely, will also include Blake.  But then again, I also expected Gina to last longer than Mowgli, so that shows how much I know.

Yesterday morning on the radio, some woman had called in and said how stupid she thought American Idol was, and that she’d NEVER watched it.  When the DJ pointed out to her that more than 38 million people DO watch it, she said “Well then, there are 38 million idiots out there.”

OK, everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how woefully ignorant that opinion might be, right?

So here’s the question.  If you’ve never watched the show, how do you know it’s stupid?  How is that any different than looking at Artichoke French and saying “I hate that stuff, even though I’ve never tasted it?”  Seems to me that the idiot is the person pronouncing judgment on something they know nothing about.  But that’s just me.


It was 82 degrees Monday.  It’s 49 today and raining like a typhoon.  A week ago Monday, we were expecting a foot of snow.  Welcome to Western New York.


Circle Badge

So, my daughter is driving to work Monday morning and, as she says, may have been following the car ahead of her a bit too close.  On I-25 where she commutes, the speed limit is 75 mph and she says it really helps a person develop a lead foot.  Anyway, she’s probably a bit too close to this BMW in front of her when, all of a sudden, the driver of the BMW holds a badge through the sun roof, and motions to the right shoulder.  She thinks to herself, “Yeah, good luck getting me to stop for you, chump,” and moves to the left lane to pass him.  As she comes up even to the BMW, the driver once again shows her a badge and motions for her to pull over.  She just continues on her way and, as she changes back into the right lane, observes the driver of the BMW pounding on his steering wheel, showing that badge and making frantic motions for her to pull over.  She dials 9-1-1 and tells the dispatch operator that someone in a civilian vehicle is trying to pull her over.  They immediately dispatch a car and ask her to stay on line with them, keeping them updated on her location.  They even ask her to slow down so the deputy can catch up to them.  After two more futile attempts by the BMW driver to pull her over, the deputies arrive in four squad vehciles, and pull over the BMW and my daughter.  They take my daughter’s statement and take the BMW driver into custody.  Later that day, she gets a phone call from the Chief of Detectives asking her if she’ll swear out a criminal complaint against the guy.  It turns out he’s actually with the sheriff’s department, as a county jail guard.  And he’s on probation.  My daughter agrees to swear out the criminal complaint and tells the detective that, if the putz acted that way while he was on probation, how would he act in a squad car with a gun?  Frightening.

Personally, I think she’s an asshole magnet, like her mother.  😉


Another temp in the office.  We’ll see how this one goes…