Sanjaya MUST go!  I made a comment on another blog that, when this idiot takes the stage, it’s almost enough to send me to the bell tower with a sniper rifle.  This guy sucks nickels.  Last night, while watching the show, my son commented that Sanjaya reminds him of Mowgli, and so now the name has stuck.  More appropriate, I think.  Although, Mowgli was way cuter.

Gina is the first female “rocker” we’ve seen on Idol and I have to say that I really like her for that reason.  I’d really like to hear her do some Pat Benatar or even Heart music.  She’s a good performer, and has good stage presence.  I like the way she looks, too.

I think your winner is going to be Melinda Doolittle.  She’s phenomenal — she has great control of her voice, and puts every bit of emotion she has into her music.  The night she auditioned, I commented that she reminded me of Gladys Knight and last week, even Simon told her that she was like a young Gladys Knight.  I’d love to hear her sing Midnight Train to Georgia or Neither One of Us Wants to be the First to Say Goodbye.

Blake is the only male who has any kind of a shot, I think.  While I love Chris S.’s voice, he has no real ability to PERFORM.  I find Blake’s quirkiness to be a refreshing change.  Last night’s performance actually “wowed” me.  I was impressed at how he kept the integrity of the song, yet made it more modern.

Chris is a Justin Timberlake wannabe and needs to go.  Period.  Anytime he sings, I feel like a need a huge dose of insulin.  His whiny, nasally voice grates on my nerves, and make me think of a little boy that’s trying to imitate someone.  Get him outta there!

My favorite is Jordin Sparks.  This 17-year old has a big voice, great control of it, and has great stage presence.  I just like her.  They often refer to her age, as if that’s a factor but, in my mind, this young lady carries herself far better than many “older” women I know.

udylan1.jpgHaley, Lakisha and Stephanie, while they have big voices, and great talent, were very mediocre last night.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one or both of them ended up in the bottom three.  It’s not enough to have a good voice.  They lack something.  Spark.  Energy.  Emotion.  Something.

udylan1.jpgI really liked Chris S. at the beginning, but there’s got to be more than being a “chubby guy,” (his words) with a good voice.  He doesn’t perform.  He just stands there and sings.  And that will be his downfall.  He could stand a haircut, too.

Phil?  The guy has a good voice, mostly, but he looks like he escaped from a chemo ward — the bald look does absolutely nothing for him and, unfortunately, I can’t get past that.  I know it’s not a beauty show but let’s face it, we’re an aesthetic society and what we don’t like to look at, we tend to dislike at face value.  *shrug*  He can go…

My prediction for the bottom three for this week:

Sanjaya/Mowgli (for sure), Phil (*ick*), and either Haley, Lakisha or Stephanie…most likely Haley.

 If you’ve had all the fun you can take with American Idol stuff, put this in your address bar and then press ENTER.  This is sort of the feeling I get when Mowgli sings…

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