Can you go three weeks without complaining?  Twenty four people have.  But that’s 24 out of almost 900,000 people who have purchased these purple bracelets to take the challenge. 

The idea is that you put the bracelet on one arm, and the clock begins.  If you complain about something, you have to move it to the other arm, and start your count again.

Read the story, order a bracelet, and stop your whining!

 Lambda Legal reports that a Westchester County Supreme Court has ruled in support of that county executive’s executive order which requires recognition of out-of-state marriages.

This is going to set an interesting precedent, if it’s upheld on appeal.  And, with my own case going forward this summer on appeal, it very well can make or break the movement here in New York.

One of my colleagues at work (a member of our walking group — thanks Casey) invited me to join a web site group called SparkPeople.  I checked it out, joined up, and have looked around a bit.  It seems that it’s similar to’s weight loss group(s) with a sort of functionality as well.  There are some interesting resources like meal plans, tracking tools, workout advice, recipes, support groups, and even teams that match your individual needs based on existing health issues you may have.  There’s a point system as well, but I haven’t figured out what that’s all about yet.

I still think that, for good feedback (without the message board/member support), there’s no comparison to — it’s a pay site, but it’s only something like $2 a month.  You can log your food each day and it tracks your nutrition, calories consumed, calories burned (after you log your exercise), etc.  You can also create/customize reports for whatever kind of feedback you need, in whatever chunks you want to digest it in.

But then again, SparkPeople is new to me and I don’t usually embrace change wholeheartedly without a lot of evaluation.

Remember the girl in Florida who had the hiccups for more than a month?  They finally stopped, on their own, after 5 weeks.  Five MINUTES’ worth of hiccups drives me insane (along with everyone around me), so I can’t begin to imagine how this girl lived for 5 WEEKS, unable to stop them.

My younger daughter, Linda, and her husband have made the decision that they’ll move to Austin, Texas rather than have her lose her job.  Any Texans out there that know Austin well?  Texas, Colorado, doesn’t matter.  I still can’t see those grandsons much.  We’re talking about driving to Texas next summer on our vacation. 

Might be a fun trip, camping along the way, seeing the sights, adding some states to my long list of states visited.  Some friends tell me that, in order for the state to count, you have to have stopped to pee in that state.  Others tell me that driving through counts.  Still others seem to think it only counts if you spend the night or eat in a restaurant.  Whatever.  If I drive through it, I’ve been there.