Or, at least the dandelions, dusty miller, grape hyacinths and even our rose bushes think so.

Actually, they never died back yet. We’ve had a couple of really good hard frosts, but apparently it’s been so warm this winter that even the hard frost couldn’t kill off some of the more hardy vegetation. We actually have yellow dandelions in our yard, as well as dandelions that have gone to seed. Of course, it’s 56 degrees out right now, and it’s not even 10:00 a.m. They’re calling for temps around 60 this afternoon, with some rain. By Monday or Tuesday we’re supposed to get some cold(er) weather with the possibility of snow, but without any real accumulation. By this time next week, it’s supposed to be back up into the high 40s again. In the meantime, they’re calling for killer frigid temperatures in the midwest, with temps as low as -20 to -30. Some really freaky weather, eh?

I’m down another half pound this morning — YAY!

It’s my last day of vacation. Gosh two weeks have gone by fast! I’m heading down to see my aunt and uncle today, mainly because I’m sick of being “grounded” and trying to get that damned knitting done. I only have 72 more rows to go (at 300 stitches per row). It’ll get done in plenty of time for the little guy’s February 7th birthday so I decided I needed a break, since that’s all I’ve done this week is knit, knit, knit.

Oh, and, wear a helmet. You never know what might fall from the sky next.