We had a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend. Pretty much got nothing accomplished on our list of important things to do except for the sleeping in part. We were able to check that off our list. We putzed around Saturday and got the last of the painting done on the mouldings and knobs for the new bi-fold doors, and the doorbell casing. But, other than that and a shopping trip to BJ’s, we pretty much just took it easy. We watched Jarhead and The Money Pit that we TiVo’d off PPV, some recorded CSI programming that we’d not gotten to see last week, and that about did us for the weekend. Hardly nothing accomplished, and damned proud of it!

Found some interesting questions that would make me really have to think before I answer, and decided they’d be good to post here. And, watch for the tag at the end.

If you could only repent for one thing when you die, what one thing would you choose?

Having lived more than 40 years of my life as a lie.

If you could talk to anyone in the world by phone, who would you choose?

Hillary Clinton. After having read her book, I found her to be a fascinating woman. I give her a lot of credit for brains and strength.

If the Ambassador from Venus requested you to visit Venus but wasn’t able to guarantee your return to Earth, would you go?

Absolutely not. I love my life, and I love my family. Not being able to see them would take something away from me that could never be replaced.

What hobbies did you have 10 years ago that you no longer have?

Following the kids around to all their sporting events, being a team Mom, sitting in drizzling rain and snow and wind watching them play or perform. They’re grown and gone now and, as much as I bitched about it back then, I really miss it now.

What are some of the things in your life that you feel you honestly deserve?

Happiness. Equality. Respect and dignity.

What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

My kids. My partner. Love. No material gift has ever compared.

When was the time when you had to search most deeply for your own inner strength?

There have been a lot of times in my life that I’ve had to search for that strength. Between the ages of 10-16 I had to search a lot for it. When I became a single parent I looked for it a lot. When my oldest daughter ran away I desperately searched for it. I searched deeply for it when I began the “transitional” relationship that finally caused me to begin to live my life with integrity and, when that relationship ended, I needed that strength to get through it and move on and know that there were good/better things for me in the future. Even now, with all that’s going on with my family and father, I have had to search deeply for strength.

If you found a magic wand, what would you do first?

Look for an owner’s manual to see how it works, and what it’s “shelf life” is. If there was unlimited use, I’d probably first wave it over my house and make it *poof* sided, roof repaired, lawn treated, and interior clean, new and sparkling. If there was only one use, I’d wave it over the air and make the world one where everyone could live freely, without persecution or discrimination.

If you could say one thing to any religious leader (just one), what would you say to whom?

Pope Benedict — I’d tell him to shut the fuck up about what other people are doing and fix what’s broken in his own front yard.

Finish this sentence: “I never leave home without….”

…saying “I love you” to my family, and my cell phone in my hands.

What do you think life’s greatest adventure is?

Living each day.

What two flavors of ice cream would you get on a double-dip cone?

Death by Chocolate and Chocolate Panda Paws.

What is the most difficult subject for you to talk about?

My relationship (or lack thereof) with my mother.

At what point in your life did you first experience total trust in someone or something?

With Kim. Unfortunately, that trust was totally misplaced. I trusted what she said, and it all turned out to be a scam.

Is there anyone you’ve ever known whom you’ve honestly felt morally superior to?

I don’t know if I’ve ever felt morally superior to anyone, but I know I have judged others based on their behavior or looks, when I shouldn’t have. I don’t think anyone should feel morally superior to anyone.

How would you finish this sentence? “My destiny has always been _____________.”


What one thing always speaks deeply to you, to your spirit, no matter your mood or what else is going on in your life?

Music. Music has always spoken to me in ways that I cannot truly articulate. It doesn’t need lyrics, necessarily, because often it’s the melody, or a specific instrument or section of a musical piece that truly touches me.

What is the one experience in your life that has caused the most pain?

Being a parent. I’ve always said it was my greatest source of pain, but always my greatest source of joy as well.

Now, I tag Michelle, Michele, Jenn, Sandra, and Lisa.