LOL! I sure have! Recently, too!

We opted out of camping for the weekend, as it was SUPPOSED to rain and be chilly by early Saturday afternoon. So, we decided not to go at all. We went, instead, to where Lisa works, figuring we could get in a morning of weeding before the rains came. It turned out to be a gorgeous day, of course. We got home around 2:00 and got some much needed cleaning done around the house. I was pooped by the time we finished up dinner and cleaned up the kitchen and finally sat down to relax.

Sunday we went to my Aunt Wanda’s and had brunch with some of the relatives. And, of course, it turned out to be another gorgeous day. We got home early, around 6:00 or so, but were exhausted from having been on the go the whole weekend.

We were going to go camping this coming weekend but, of course, they’re calling for rain and cool temps. I told Lisa that, perhaps we should go anyway. It’d be our luck, though, that if we DID go, we’d get those flooding rains that they’ve had in New England for the past few days.

After yet another mechanical problem with his Blazer, I took Joe to the Toyota dealership last night, and had him at least look at new vehicles. We looked at a Highlander, an SUV. Joe’s an SUV guy. He doesn’t want a car, nor does he want a truck, he wants an SUV. The problem is, they’re expensive to buy, and expensive to own. Joe has only put 30,000 miles on his Blazer in the past 34 months, but has put just over $2500 worth of repairs into it in those 3 years. And, when you consider that he doesn’t even have 70,000 miles on the vehicle, that’s pretty damned shitty. And Joe’s pretty damned tired of the whole mess.

Anyway, we got to looking at the Highlander Hybrid, and after some time found that he could lease one for $309 per month — only $50 a month more than he’s paying on his auto loan. And, when you consider that oil changes are averaging $1,000 for the poor kid, he’s saving another $100 per month or so in maintenance expenses. Then there’s the gas savings. His Blazer only gets about 18 mpg, and this Hybrid is rated at city 31/highway 27 (note the figures are reversed from the usual ratings). Given that a lot of his driving is stop and go, even on the expressway, I think it’s a practical solution. And, it gets better mileage than some of the sedans that the treehuggers are driving while they condemn SUV drivers.

Lisa got tired of the feelings of dizziness she’s been having, and broke down and went to the doctor this morning. The doctor diagnosed Vertigo. My first reaction was, “Well, DUH!” But, as it turns out, there’s more to vertigo than just feeling dizzy. There’s a cause behind it. So, I’m married to a dizzy red-head. I think I’ll start calling her Lucy…

American Idol prediction for this week. Three songs per contestant, one of their choosing, one chosen by the judges and one by Clive Davis. Katharine will really shine this week with good song selections, and Elliot will be in top form, but America will get tired of Taylor Hicks. Bottom two, Elliot and Taylor. Leaving this week, Taylor.